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November 9-10, 2022 Meeting Recap

November 10, 2022

The Board of Regents met November 9-10 at the Iowa School for the Deaf. Selected items discussed are outlined below. View the full agenda here.

Fall Enrollment Report  VIDEO
The Board received and approved the annual fall enrollment report outlining population numbers at the three universities. Fall 2022 enrollment fell by 916 students from Fall 2021, totaling 68,933 across the three universities. The University of Iowa saw and increase of 105 students, while both UI and ISU noted upticks in new first-year undergraduate enrollment. 

Economic Development and Technology Transfer  VIDEO
The Board received the annual economic development and technology transfer report outlining the institutions’ collaborative efforts with business and industry. Collectively in FY 2022, the Regents universities provided more than $1.5 billion in total sponsored funding to the state of Iowa. 

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Property and Facilities Committee  VIDEO
The committee approved UNI’s campus master plan and the sale and purchase of property for ISU. Also, schematic design, project description and budgets were approved for UNI’s Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center expansion project, which would build a 16,400 square foot addition and remodel 4,500 square feet of the building. In addition, UI’s new wrestling training facility was named in honor of Doug and Ann Goschke, who donated $7 million to the Carver Circle fundraising campaign. 

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Academic Affairs Committee  VIDEO
The committee approved a UI request for the new Driving Safety Research Institute. The committee also approved FY 2022 professional development reports and FY 2024 professional development requests, in addition to receiving a presentation on extended learning programs at ISD and an update on an upcoming high school admissions pilot project with several school districts.

Finally, the committee approved three program additions at UNI, including a new bachelor of arts in HR management, a new MA in interdisciplinary studies and a new bachelor of science in nursing (BSN)

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Campus and Student Affairs Committee  VIDEO
The committee received the annual report on campus safety and security and an update from campus student health centers. 

Investment and Finance Committee  VIDEO
The committee received the quarterly investment and cash management report and the annual Comprehensive Fiscal Report

Audit and Compliance Committee  VIDEO
Board Chief Audit Executive Deb Johnston presented internal audits and the audit calendar. 

University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Committee  VIDEO
The committee received the UIHC presentation from VP for Medical Affairs and Dean of the Carver College of Medicine Brooks Jackson, Interim Associate VP of UI Health Care and UIHC CEO Kimberly Hunter, and Associate VP for Finance and UIHC CFO Mark Henrichs.  

Faculty/Staff Presentation: Special Schools Outreach Programs  VIDEO
The Board received a presentation on outreach programs at ISD from Tina Caloud, ISD director of outreach. 

Reports from Institutional Heads  VIDEO
Interim Superintendent John Cool and Presidents Barbara Wilson, Wendy Wintersteen and Mark Nook, presented the Board with updates on campus activities.

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training  VIDEO
The Board and staff received its annual sexual harassment and discrimination prevention training from ISU’s office of equal opportunity. 

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