Annual Economic Development Report

Iowa’s three public universities collaborate with business and industry and with each other to foster economic development and entrepreneurship efforts in Iowa. At its November meeting, the Board of Regents will receive the annual economic development and technology transfer report outlining the scope of this collaboration and the positive impact the Regents institutions have on Iowa businesses. 

In FY 2022, the three universities provided over $1.5 Billion dollars in total sponsored funding to the state of Iowa, including $617 million from competitive federal grants and awards. The Regent universities work diligently to develop breakthroughs that help to improve Iowa’s economy through economic development, technology transfer and commercialization of research.

In addition, Iowa’s public universities provide assistance to Iowa businesses and start-up companies across the state. In FY 2022, 4,478 employees worked for 194 companies located in Regents research parks and incubators. Further, the Regents universities provide outreach and assistance to Iowa businesses and start-ups in all 99 Iowa counties. 

A $12.6 million state appropriation for economic development helped drive these efforts. These appropriated dollars helped fund the UI and ISU Biosciences programs, which assists with precision and digital agriculture, and the development of biobased chemicals, vaccines and immunotherapeutics. Additionally, state dollars drive the expansion of UNI’s Metal Casting Center, specifically its additive manufacturing capabilities. These dollars have a direct impact on Iowa farmers, business owners and companies across the state.