2016 Open Records Requests

Board of Regents 2016 Public Records Statistical Report (PDF)

Date Requester Subject Board Office Response
01/26/16 Darren Doehrmann Steven Leath Contract Response sent 01/26/16
02/02/16 Sarah Butrymowicz Remediation rates at public colleges Response sent 05/18/16
02/10/16 Michael Roth  Public universities' equity and real estate portfolios Response sent 02/10/16
02/19/16 Laurie Belin Board of Regents emails regarding UIHC administrative restructuring Response sent 03/01/16
03/01/16 David Wheeler Board of Regents and staff emails containing to/from or containing the names Mitch Daniels and Bruce Harreld Response sent 03/21/16
03/10/16 Scott Stewart ISD Teacher Contracts Response sent 03/14/16
03/17/16 Vanessa Miller ISD Teacher Contracts Response sent 03/17/16
03/18/16 David Wheeler Regents travel expenses Response sent 03/21/16
03/29/16 Vanessa Miller Emails regarding UIHC administrative restructuring  Response sent 03/30/16
04/06/16 Landon Elkind Salaries for Regents members Response sent 04/07/16
04/08/16 Landon Elkind Emails between members of Board of Regents and Balfour Beatty Response sent 04/13/16
04/13/16 Lindsey Cook Documents related to Website RFP Response sent 04/14/16
04/26/16 Steve Horn Documents on proposed Dakota Access pipeline Response sent 05/04/16
04/28/16 Landon Elkind Political party affiliations for Regents  Response sent 05/02/16
04/29/16 Ryan Foley Emails regarding resignation of Regent Andringa Response sent 05/05/16
05/10/16 Vanessa Miller Emails regarding Regent Andringa and vacancy on Board of Regents Response sent 05/23/16
05/19/16 Vanessa Miller Emails regarding President Ruud's contract and tenure Response sent 06/10/16
05/26/16 Jeff Charis-Carlson Emails involving Regent Richards  Response sent 06/13/16
06/09/16 Steve Simpson Academic program data Response sent 06/14/16
07/14/16 Jacqueline Sessa Website contract information Response sent 07/15/16
08/08/16 Amelia Lucas Universities private equity data Response sent 08/09/16
08/15/16 Landon Elkind Communications regarding public hearings Response sent 08/16/16
09/07/16 Dawn Pettengill Communications regarding Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School Response sent 09/22/16
09/15/16 Landon Elkind Contract for Michael Galloway Response sent 09/16/16
09/20/16 Ryan Foley Communications regarding purchase and use of ISU airplanes Response sent 10/07/16
10/13/16 Jeff Charis-Carlson Memo from Steven Leath to Board of Regents Response sent 10/14/16
10/14/16 Vanessa Miller Memo from Steven Leath to Board of Regents and emails regarding ISU plane usage Response sent 10/20/16
11/4/16 Ryan Foley Emails/documents related to ISU Flight Services audit Response sent 11/25/16
11/29/16 Vanessa Miller Emails regarding sanctuary status Response sent 11/30/16
12/7/16 Vanessa Miller UNI Presidential Search Feedback Response sent 12/27/16
12/14/16 Ryan Foley Emails regarding ISU Flight Services audit Response sent 01/11/17
12/22/16 Laurie Belin Emails regarding ISU Flight Services audit Response sent 01/11/17


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