Iowa Board of Regents

2023-24 Tuition and Fee Rates

The Board approved 2023-24 tuition and fee rates at its June 13-14 meeting in Iowa City. The approved rates increased resident undergraduate tuition by 3.5% at each university. In addition, varying tuition rates for non-resident and graduate and professional students, as well as differential rates for certain programs, were approved. 

Table comparing University tuition fees for residents and non-residents.These tuition rates follow flat FY 2024 general university appropriations (0% increase) as enacted by the Iowa General Assembly. The Board had requested an appropriations increase of $32 million to support higher education. The legislature did appropriate education-related special purpose funding totaling $7.1 million for the UI College of Nursing, $2.8 million for STEM workforce initiatives at ISU and $1.5 million for teacher student recruitment efforts at UNI. 

State support, operating costs potentially absorbed through efficiencies and reallocations, and expected inflationary impacts to higher education budgets were considered in the rate increases. 

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