4.3 Patents and Copyrights

(Iowa Code § 262.9(11)(PDF))

  1. The Board shall, with consent of the inventor and in the discretion of the Board, secure letters patent or copyright on inventions of students, instructors, and officials, or take assignment of such letters patent or copyright and may make all necessary expenditures in regard thereto. The letters patent or copyright on inventions when so secured shall be the property of the state, and the royalties and earnings thereon shall be credited to the funds of the institution in which such patent or copyright originated.
  2. The Board strongly encourages faculty, students, and employees of Regent institutions to seek to retain intellectual property rights to the articles and reports that they publish in scholarly journals and equivalent types of publications where feasible and appropriate without detriment to publishing agreements. Doing so on a systematic basis will ensure the widest possible dissemination at the lowest cost. Each institution shall be responsible for providing information, advice, and assistance to faculty, students, and employees to achieve this aim.