3.5 Strategic Planning

  1. Strategic planning shall occur both at the Regent and institutional levels. The Board shall undertake an evolving, issues-oriented planning process, where it scans the environment for important issues and provides necessary strategic responses on an ongoing basis. At the institutional level, the Board shall help establish institutional direction, monitor and evaluate progress toward achieving planned initiatives, and review and approve annual plans and budgets that reflect the realization of institutional mission and goals. The Board shall develop a strategic plan which covers a period of five years and shall define performance indicators which help the Board to monitor its strategic plan.
  2. Each Regent institution shall develop a strategic plan which covers a period of five years and is consistent with the Board of Regents' overall strategic planning process and strategic plan.
  3. The Board shall be consulted about and subscribe to the overall direction established by each Regent institution, particularly as it relates to the mission, general goals and areas of focus articulated by the institutions. Plans and budgets shall reflect the overall mission, goals, and priorities of the institution, and show in clear terms how the institution intends to accomplish its strategies, specifically within the context of limited resources.
  4. Annual progress reports including any proposed revision of goals, strategies, action steps, mission, vision, values or culture statements shall be presented to the Board.
    1. Each of the Regent institutions shall develop, maintain, and update a Board-approved strategic plan that describes its mission, vision, values, culture, and performance indicators and is consistent with the Board’s strategic plan and performance indicators.
    2. Each of the Regent institutions shall prepare and present to the Board an annual report that includes progress on its institutional performance indicators according to the annual Governance Report schedule.
    3. Each of the Regent institutions shall include its current Board-approved strategic plan on its institutional website.