3.4 Consideration of Prior Misconduct in Admission

When a student wishes to transfer from one of the universities governed by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, to another Regent institution and such student is currently charged with, or has been found to have engaged in, a violation of the Regent Rules of Personal Conduct, or a serious violation of the institutions’ disciplinary rules, information concerning such charges shall be made available to the receiving Regent institution. Each Regent institution shall develop and maintain its own internal rules governing confidentiality of student records.

  1. Requests for Information on Misconduct. Regent institutions shall require prospective or re-entering students to disclose whether they have been arrested or convicted of a crime as part of the process for admission or readmission. They shall also require disclosures of the disciplinary record at other educational institutions. The existence of a criminal or disciplinary record shall not automatically result in refusal of admission, but may be the basis for refusal to admit or for placement of conditions on admission.
  2. Transfers to Regent universities are described in 681 IAC 9.2 (PDF).