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1.5 Record Retention Policy

  1. Definition and Identification of Records
    1. Records are anything containing information which is made, produced, executed, or received in connection with the transactions and official activities of the Board of Regents or executed in the conduct of Board of Regents business. Examples include documents, books, paper, electronic records, photographs, videos, sound recordings, databases, and other data compilations that are used for multiple purposes, or other material, regardless of physical form or characteristics.
    2. Records can be divided into two categories: 1) Official, and 2) Transitory/Convenience.
  2. "Official records" are:
    1. records having the legally recognized and judicially enforceable quality of establishing some fact, policy, or institutional position or decision.
    2. the single official copy of a document maintained on file at the Board of Regents Office, but not always, the original.
    3. subject to the records retention requirements included in the Board of Regents Records Retention Schedule.
  3. "Transitory/convenience records" are:
    1. duplicate copies of official records.
    2. extra copies of documents or records created or preserved for convenient access and/or for reference, including computer backups and duplicate computer files.
    3. miscellaneous correspondence without official significance.
      1. versions or drafts of reports, memos, word processing files, letters, messages, or communication (electronic or otherwise) that are used to develop a final official document.
      2. records that do not carry a requirement for retention and should be destroyed when they cease to be useful (using secure destruction methods if they contain confidential information).


Board of Regents Records Retention Schedule (March 2016)
Official Record Category: Administrative Records

Official Record Title Official Record Description Regent Retention Guideline
(5 Yrs, 10 Yrs
or Permanent)
Official Files Maintained By
Board of Regents Meeting Docket/Agenda Materials and Annual Reports Required information, annual reports and other reports of secretarial officers (as required by Iowa Code 262.25) provided by to the BOR office. 10 Years No Board of Regents Office
Board of Regents Policy Manual, Institutional policies and related procedures, or policy manuals Policies and related procedures (internal or external), etc. that are used in the administration and management of the Board Office and Institutions department should be memorialized. 5 Years No Board of Regents Office
Personnel Files Materials provided and generated in the review of the Executive Director, Institutional Leadership and Staff. Permanent Yes Board of Regents Office
Litigation Files Materials provided and generated in response to litigation or administrative actions filed against or by the Board of Regents 5 Years Yes Board of Regents Office
Strategic Plan - Board of Regents The current and previous strategic plan of the Board of Regents. 10 Years No Board of Regents Office
Contracts Materials provided or generated regarding contracts 10 Years Yes Board of Regents Office
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