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IESBVI Teens participate in University of Iowa research

Some techie teens who use IESBVI services are helping to solve accessibility challenges as part of an experiment with the University of Iowa’s (UI) engineering department. 

Dr. Xuan Song, an industrial engineering professor at UI, has submitted a research proposal to create a prototype 3D printer which includes a talking feature. In December, select IESBVI secondary students will meet Dr. Song and his research team so the UI staff can observe  how students conceptualize 2D and 3D information and what might be needed in an accessible interface for 3D printing. 

With guidance from IESBVI math and STEM consultants, students will create designs out of clay, which will be scanned with 3D technology. The 3D scans will allow 3D printers to create a plastic model of the designs. During the collaboration, students will use engineering processes to conceptualize, model, sketch, technically draw, digitize and create the 3D designs. 

Students will also be introduced to engineering careers through interactions with professors and students in UI’s engineering program. If Dr. Song’s project is approved, the students will may have the opportunity to test the printer’s accessible talking interface in future collaborations.

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