Board of Regents Newsletter: May 2018 Newsletter

Thousands of students participated in commencement ceremonies at Iowa, Iowa State and UNI this month. Celebrating Commencement from Iowa NOW Postcard from Campus: ISU Graduation Day Celebrating our Graduating Panthers

The 10th president of the Iowa Board of Regents, S.J. Brownlee served on the Board from 1973 to 1985. Brownlee served as board president from 1981-85, succeeding Mary Louise Petersen. 

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Austin Stage is into the buddy system. He is surrounded at Iowa School for the Deaf by friends who not only provide class interaction using American Sign Language, but who also participate in wrestling, football and other sports Austin enjoys. Read more from the Iowa School for the Deaf
Plant scientists at Iowa State University have completed a new study that describes the genetic pathways at work when corn plants respond to stress brought on by heat, a step that could lead to crops better capable of withstanding stress. Read more from ISU News Service
Phil Kaaret could be on the verge of solving a cosmological mystery that began billions of years ago. Read more at Iowa NOW
Roy Behrens, professor of art and distinguished scholar at UNI, has a long-term interest in the relationship between art, design and “fooling the eye.” Read more from UNI News Services