Iowa Board of Regents

Regents History: March 14-15, 1957

State Office Building

Board Membership

  • Harry H. Hagemann, President, Waverly
  • Estelle Archie, Shenandoah
  • Arthur Barlow, Cedar Rapids
  • Pat Berkness, Armstrong
  • Carl Fredricksen, Sioux City
  • Lester Gillette, Fostoria
  • Richard Plock, Burlington
  • Roy Stevens, Ottumwa
  • Clifford Strawman, Anamosa

This meeting marked the first for Pat Berkness, Arthur Barlow and Lester Gillette, with President Harry Hagemann welcoming them to the Board in a short speech prior to official proceedings. The three replaced Regents Vincent Hamilton, Laura Jean Brooks and President Dwight Rider. Hagemann, who was unanimously elected to replace Rider as president of the Board in February stated:

“You have been named to a group that carries tremendous responsibilities, but with great opportunities to be of service to the state of Iowa. Membership on this Board is one of the most important assignments that can be given to a lay citizen in the state of Iowa.”

Regent Gillette previously served on the Board from 1943-49, and is one of just four regents to serve non-consecutive terms on the Board. Both Henry Shull and S.J. Galvin were appointed in 1925 and again in 1931 after taking a two-year break, while Marvin Pomerantz was appointed in 1987 and again in 1995.

ISU President James H. Hilton announced former home economics professor of foods and nutrition Belle Lowe was to be awarded with an honorary doctor of science degree at the June 1957 commencement ceremony. Lowe, who retired from ISU in 1956, made valuable contributions to poultry and egg research and is best known for her textbook “Experimental Cookery.” ISU’s Lowe House in Friley Hall is named in her honor.

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