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Board of Regents Newsletter: February 2020 Newsletter

Marvin Alvin Pomerantz’s service to the Board of Regents is unique among the 21 individuals to serve as president. He was the only president to serve non-consecutive terms, serving as the 12th and 14th president between 1987 and 1996. 

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It’s a classic Iowa story — UNI graduate Cole was raised in small-town central Iowa, where he watched his dad and grandfather work his family’s farm together. At age five, he was sitting on his father’s lap while he drove tractors across the corn fields. Within three years, he started driving the tractors himself. It was a given that he’d grow up to take over the farm’s operations someday.

It was while he was a UNI finance student that Cole was first inspired to spin this story of a family farming legacy into a yarn for the internet age, launching his very own YouTube channel. It’s been an unexpected smash — his “Cole the Cornstar” channel has passed the 200,000 suscribers mark in just a year-and-a-half. 

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A study of satellite images of dozens of U.S. cities shows trees and vegetation in urban areas turn green earlier but are less sensitive to temperature change than vegetation in surrounding rural regions. Read More from ISU News Service
The University of Iowa is proud to be part of a national alliance of leading colleges and universities that a new report shows is on track to enroll 50,000 more lower-income students by 2025. The findings underscore the importance of the American Talent Initiative’s (ATI) collaborative push to expand opportunity...
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