Iowa Board of Regents

Electing Board Leadership

The Board of Regents will meet Monday, May 1 to elect a new president and president pro tem to complete the unexpired terms of President Bruce Rastetter and President Pro Tem Katie Mulholland. The new board leaders will serve from May 1, 2017 to April 30, 2018.

Regents will nominate and then vote to elect the 22nd president of the Board of Regents and the 8th president pro tem in a 10 a.m. telephonic meeting.

Iowa Administrative Code 681-11.1 states “a president shall be elected by the board of regents from its members for a two-year term to commence on May 1 in even-numbered years.  A president pro tem shall be elected at the same meeting at which the board president is elected. If a vacancy occurs in the office of board president, the president pro tem shall serve as president until such time as a new president is elected by the board.  If a vacancy occurs in the office of president pro tem, a successor shall be elected by the board of regents from its members as soon as practicable.”

The Board presidency dates back to the creation of the State Board of Education (later the Board of Regents, State of Iowa) in 1909. J.H. Trewin served as the Board’s first president from its inception until 1915. The president pro tem position was created April 10, 2003 after questions arose regarding Board of Regents continuity during homeland security planning discussions.  


President Served
Bruce Rastetter 2013-2017
Craig Lang 2011-2013
David Miles 2008-2011
Michael Gartner 2005-2007
Robert Downer 2005
John Forsyth 2004-2005
Owen Newlin 1996-2005
Marvin Pomerantz 1995-1996
Marvin Berenstein 1993-1995
Marvin Pomerantz 1987-1993
John McDonald 1985-1987
S.J. Brownlee 1981-1985
Mary Louise Petersen 1973-1981
Stanley Redeker 1965-1973
Alfred Noehren 1963-1965
Henry H. Hagemann 1958-1963
Dwight Rider 1951-1958
Henry Shull 1941-1951
George Baker 1926-1940
D.D. Murphy 1915-1925
J.H. Trewin 1909-1915
Pro Tem Served
Katie Mulholland 2013-2017
Bruce Rastetter 2011-2013
Jack Evans 2008-2011
David Miles 2007-2008
Theresa Wahlert 2006-2007
Robert Downer 2004-2006
Deborah Turner 2003-2004
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