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Advisory Group Recommends No New Square Footage on Campus

In response to the fiscal hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board of Regents will consider a moratorium on construction projects that result in a net increase of campus square footage at its September 23, 2020 meeting. The moratorium is the first recommendation put forth by the Regents Advisory Group established April 30, 2020.

No New Square Footage
If the moratorium is approved, campus projects that go before the Board must not increase the net square footage of the Regents enterprise. Current projects already in progress, included approved future phases, are excluded from the moratorium. Projects funded entirely by private donations also are excluded, as are healthcare facilities.
Future plans will need to demonstrate how projects adhere to the moratorium when presented to the Board. For example, projects that renovate or improve existing spaces without adding to their footprints would be in compliance.

The Board of Regents Advisory Group recommendation would take effect immediately and sunset on June 30, 2022.

Board of Regents Advisory Group
Board President Michael Richards established the Advisory Group on April 30, 2020. The group is charged with finding administrative and academic collaborations and efficiencies across the Regent enterprise. Two subgroups focusing on academics and administration, respectively, also were established to aid the Advisory Group in its charge. 

The Advisory Group, co-chaired by Regents David Barker and Nancy Dunkel, met throughout the summer months. Regents Nancy Boettger and Jim Lindenmayer also were appointed to the group. Non-Regent representation included Carol Faber, ISU Faculty Senate President; UI Interim Provost Kevin Kregel; Amy Petersen, UNI Faculty Senate Chair; ISU Provost Jonathan Wickert; UNI Provost Jim Wohlpart; Joseph Yockey, UI Faculty Senate President; Pam Cain, ISU Senior VP of Operations and Finance; Michael Hagar, UNI Senior VP of Finance and Operations and Rod Lehnertz, UI Senior VP of Finance and Operations.

The Regents Advisory Group is expected to make further recommendations at future Board meetings.

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