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Board of Regents Meeting Preview: September 2019 Meeting Preview

The Board's fiscal year 2021 appropriations request totals $642.37 million, including $22 million in incremental funding. These appropriations are allocated across numerous funds, programs and special purpose units to support the Regents Enterprise and benefit Iowans across the state.


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Students enrolled at ISD are immersed in American Sign Language (ASL) from the time they arrive on campus. Fostering a language-rich environment for children who are deaf or hard of hearing improves interpersonal communication and learning outcomes and helps unwind that spiraling effect from lack of exposure. 

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At its September meeting, the Board of Regents will consider accepting a home and quarter-acre lot on Iowa City’s East Court Street on behalf of the University of Iowa. The home, gifted to the University by owner Jim Hayes, neighbors the famed home of celebrated Iowa artist Grant Wood. Hayes, owner and resident of the historic Grant Wood house, purchased the neighboring home with the intent to add it to the university’s Grant Wood Art Colony Program.

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