Iowa Board of Regents

2024-25 Tuition and Fee Rates

At its June 11-13 meeting in Iowa City, the Board of Regents passed Tuition and Fee rates for the 2024-25 academic year. The proposed rates increased resident undergraduate tuition by 3% at the University of Iowa and Iowa State University, and 2% at the University of Northern Iowa. In addition, varying tuition rates for non-resident and graduate and professional students, as well as differential rates for certain programs, were passed. 

These rates follow a $12.3 million (2.5%) increase to general university appropriations for FY 2025, as enacted by the Iowa General Assembly. UI will receive $5.45 million, ISU will receive $4.35 million and UNI will receive $2.49 million. The Board had requested an appropriations increase of $14.8 million in September 2023. 

Funding from the tuition increases will help address growing financial challenges, including inflationary cost increases, recruiting and retaining faculty and staff in national markets, meeting collective bargaining terms, deferred maintenance needs in academic facilities, and student financial aid opportunities.

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