Iowa Board of Regents

Administrative Efficiency at Iowa's Public Universities

At its February meeting, the Iowa Board of Regents will receive a report on the administrative efficiency of Iowa’s Regent institutions. The report notes that Iowa’s public universities rank among the most efficient four-year public institutions in the nation. 

The report presents administrative costs at the University of Iowa, Iowa State University and the University of Northern Iowa in two ways. First, as a percent of total core expenditures, which include instruction, research, public service, academic support, student services, institutional aid and other expenses. Second, the report highlights administrative costs as a percentage of instructional costs only. 
Either way you look at it, Iowa’s public universities operate with some of the lowest administrative costs in the United States. 

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Average administrative costs per student at Iowa’s Regent institutions are 5.8% of total core expenditures. This rate is the second-lowest figure in the country among four-year public universities, trailing only Hawaii (5.6%). 

Further, for every dollar spent on instruction costs, Iowa’s public universities spend just 12 cents on administration. This rate is tied with Hawaii for the lowest rate in the nation. Put another way; Iowa, Iowa State and UNI’s average administrative costs are lower than almost every other public university in the nation. 

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Efficient use of resources is one way Iowa’s public universities can continue their mission to provide quality, affordable higher education for Iowans.

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