Iowa Board of Regents

ISD Long Hall Renovations

Renovations to the Iowa School for the Deaf’s Long Hall, originally built in 1929, will come before the Board of Regents at its February 24 meeting. The project, funded by $4.325 million in state appropriations, would update the ISD High School and Science Center.

"We are grateful the legislators approved the project,” said ISD Superintendent Steve Gettel. “A renovation of this magnitude cannot be undertaken without their support and we appreciate that they recognized our needs for these upgrades."

ISD is requesting approval of the project description and budget with a renovation timeline of two years. The renovation, if approved, would correct multiple deferred maintenance issues, install building components compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and further accommodate the needs of students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

"Our students will benefit from a more comfortable environment and improved security system,” Gettel said. “The school, as a whole, also will benefit from the increased energy efficiency the renovations will provide."

The Long Hall renovation would install new fire detection and fire suppression systems, replace old radiators and window air conditioning units with energy-efficient heating and cooling systems and modernize classrooms with energy-efficient lighting and other upgrades. Additionally, the project will repair water-damaged interior finishes, replace cracked mortar joints in the building’s brick exterior and upgrade selected doors and windows.

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