IPR Transfer Request

At its February meeting, the Board of Regents will be requested to authorize the transfer of certain university properties and licenses related to public radio stations in the state to Iowa Public Radio, Inc. (IPR) for $1.00 plus additional non-monetary consideration. The Board will also be requested to delegate authority to the Executive Director, in consultation with Board leadership, to take all actions necessary to accomplish closing and the transfer of the FCC licenses. 

Originally, KUNI, WOI, WSUI (collectively, Radio Groups) were managed directly by the universities as part of their educational and service missions. In 2006, the Board supported the establishment of IPR to oversee all public radio operations and facilities owned by the universities. IPR was established exclusively as a charitable and educational entity and has operated the universities’ public radio groups since 2007.

IPR already operates independently of Board of Regents funding and has since 2019. The proposed transfer represents the next logical phase in the management and governance of the statewide public radio network. It will afford IPR further independence to focus on continuing its delivery of high-quality programming and operating the radio stations in a manner that benefits the citizens of Iowa. IPR will continue to have a presence on each campus as it transitions to its new operating model, continuing the strong, collaborative relationship between the universities and IPR.

Assets to be transferred include the KUNI, WOI and WSUI Radio Group FCC licenses and related call signs, as well as numerous towers and associated equipment and real property around the state. This transaction, if approved, will protect and ensure the long-term success of the statewide network of public radio stations in Iowa. 

The partnership between the Board of Regents and IPR has generated operational efficiencies, increased fundraising, and expanded coverage all while maintaining high-quality and award-winning programming.  A merger of the Radio Groups into one community licensee owned and operated by IPR will build upon these efficiencies and collaborations and further enhance public radio service for the citizens of the State of Iowa.