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Board of Regents Meeting Preview: Board of Regents April 18, 2019 Meeting Preview

Three Regents, Rachael Johnson, Larry McKibben and Subhash Sahai, will be honored for their service to the Board at the April meeting. For Johnson and McKibben, April’s meeting marks their final meeting as Regents, while Sahai left the Board last June.

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Getting into college is often portrayed as a difficult process to navigate, full of guesswork, stacks of forms, and lots of hoping. But that’s not how it works at Iowa’s public universities. How three little letters simplify the admissions process across the Regents Enterprise. 

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Because the Board of Regents does not have enough information about the state budget, a first reading of 2019-20 tuition rates is not currently on the April 18 Board of Regents meeting agenda.  However, as the legislature continues its consideration of state appropriations, it is possible that tuition could be added to the agenda if more information becomes available. If tuition is added, it will be done no later than 24 hours prior to the meeting, as required by state law.

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