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September 14-15, 2022 Meeting Recap

September 15, 2022

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The Board of Regents met September 14-15 at the University of Northern Iowa. Selected items discussed are outlined below. View the full agenda here.

FY 2024 State Appropriations Request  WATCH
The Board approved FY 2024 appropriations requests totaling $630.46 million, including $32 million in incremental funding for the Higher Education General Fund. Regent Crow amended the legislative request on the floor to add $1 million, directed to the Board Office, for allocation to the universities for expanded mental health services. 

Explained: FY 2024 Appropriations Requests Specifics

Academic Affairs Committee  WATCH
The committee received presentations on the Iowa Lakeside Laboratory and orientation programming at the three institutions. The committee also received accreditation reports from nine institutional programs.

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Property and Facilities Committee  WATCH
The committee approved project descriptions and budgets for the ISU Therkildsen Industrial Engineering Building and Union Drive Community Center Renovation projects. In addition, the Board approved project description and budget for a new fabric roof for the UNI-Dome. 

The committee also approved the annual facilities report, which includes the FY 2024 capital request, five-year capital plans for the three universities, the institutional roads program and the facilities governance report. The FY 2024 capital request includes $30 million in additional annual appropriations to allocate toward building renewal. 

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Campus and Student Affairs Committee  WATCH
The committee received a presentation on student engagement strategies from UNI VP for Student Life Heather Harbach.

Free Speech Committee  WATCH
The committee received a presentation from UNI Associate Professor Anelia Dimitrova on teaching the First Amendment.

Investment and Finance Committee  WATCH
The committee received the quarterly investment and cash management report and the annual review of peer group comparisons. 

Audit and Compliance Committee  WATCH
Deputy Auditor of State Ernest Ruben presented the FY 2022 state audit plan, while Board Chief Audit Executive Deb Johnston presented internal audits and the audit charter. 

University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Committee  WATCH
The committee received the UIHC presentation from VP for Medical Affairs and Dean of the Carver College of Medicine Brooks Jackson, Interim Associate VP of UI Health Care and UIHC CEO Kimberly Hunter, and Associate VP for Finance and UIHC CFO Mark Henrichs. Dr. Joseph J. Cullen from the UI Department of Surgery presented research on high dose, intravenous vitamin C for the treatment of cancer. 

Public Comment  WATCH
Kyle Clare, UI student, spoke to the Board on political discourse on campus.

Reports from Institutional Heads  WATCH
Presidents Barbara Wilson, Wendy Wintersteen and Mark Nook, and Interim Superintendent John Cool presented the Board with updates on campus activities.

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