Board of Regents Announces Implementation Consultants

January 9, 2015

The Iowa Board of Regents has selected two consulting firms to assist with implementation of a series of cost saving measures at the three public universities beginning next month. TIER or the Transparent Inclusive Efficiency Review identified 12 administrative business cases for potential savings in Human Resources, Finance, IT, and Facilities.

In November, the Board issued two RFPs for consultants to assist in implementing changes in Sourcing and Procurement as well as Human Resources, Finance, and IT while allowing the three universities to submit their own proposals for implementation. The Board has selected Huron Consulting Group to implement the Sourcing and Procurement business case. "Huron has considerable experience in higher education, and we believe they will be extremely successful in reaching the savings outlined in TIER," said Regent Larry McKibben.

For implementation of the Human Resources, Finance, and IT business cases, the Board has accepted the proposals submitted by the universities. Additionally, the Board will retain Chazey Partners to lend expertise and advice to the institutions during implementation and to provide assistance to the universities in areas where resources or a deeper level of analysis is needed.

"The universities really stepped up to the plate and embraced the concept behind the need to transform and provided solid plans. Chazey Partners experience with transformational projects such as these will lend great support to these efforts." said Regent McKibben.

The proposals from the universities, Huron Consulting Group and Chazey Partners are posted to the Board of Regents webpage.

Finally, the Board is currently reviewing proposals submitted by consulting firms for the academic review. During the week of February 9th, finalists will meet with Board leadership, the university provosts, and faculty leaders from each campus. A firm will be selected by February 13th with the review to begin in March.

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