Board Approves Alternative Regents Admission Index (RAI)

February 6, 2015

At its meeting yesterday, the Board of Regents approved an alternative Regents Admission Index (RAI). The RAI is used by Iowa’s public universities in the admissions review of student applicants. It also serves as a guide for prospective students preparing for admission to Iowa’s public universities.

The alternative RAI will be used to evaluate students who graduate from high schools that do not provide a class rank for their graduates. The current RAI includes high school class rank as one of four measurements in the evaluation of students’ admission applications. This formula will remain in use for the review of applicants with a class rank. In the alternative RAI adopted by the Board, high school rank is removed and two of the three remaining measures are modified.

The use of both RAI formulas will provide a more consistent student admissions review. The alternative RAI will be implemented for the admission of entering freshman in the summer/fall of 2016.

The following is a comparison of the current RAI and alternative RAI:

  • Current RAI: ACT composite score (x2) + High school rank (x1) + High school GPA (x20) + High school core courses (x5).
  • Alternative RAI: ACT composite score (x3) + High school GPA (x30) + High school core courses (x5).

For More Information:

Contact: Robert Donley, Executive Director, Board of Regents, State of Iowa,(515) 281-3934

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