August 1 Meeting Recap

August 1, 2018

The Board of Regents met in a telephonic meeting August 1, 2018. Below are some highlights.

Jim Lindenmayer New Regent
The August 1 meeting marked the first for Regent Jim Lindenmayer, who was appointed to the Board by Governor Kim Reynolds on June 29, 2018. Lindenmayer was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Subhash Sahai, who resigned in early June.

Property and Facilities
The Board approved phase one of UNI’s Noehren Hall student room remodel project. This $3.3 million project includes replacing all in-room sinks and wardrobe cabinets, replacing flooring and numerous other upgrades. The Board also approved window replacement projects for six residence halls at Iowa State.

Iowa State proposed a $10 million recreation services renovation. The plan will renovate intramural facilities located east of University Avenue near Jack Trice Stadium, providing multiple overlapping recreation fields that are lighted for nighttime activities and designed with a more durable turf that is easier to maintain. 

ISU Rec Fields

Above: Iowa State Recreation Field Plans

Policy Manual Changes
The Academic and Student Affairs and Campus Safety and Security Committees were restructured and renamed. The new Academic Affairs Committee will oversee Regents activities related to student achievement, intercollegiate athletics, faculty activities, admissions, and program changes. The Campus and Student Affairs Committee will oversee Regents activities related to student life and student development, campus safety and security, fraternity and sorority life, financial aid, and career development.

The Regents took the first step toward making the Public Comment Pilot Program, launched at the June 2017 meeting in Cedar Falls, a permanent part of the Board policy manual and all meetings. A second and final reading of this change is expected at the September 12-13 meeting in Iowa City.

Personnel Appointments
Dr. Keith Schilling was appointed as the State Geologist at the University of Iowa. Katherine Martin was appointed interim dean of the Rod Library at UNI.

FY 2019 Budgets
The proposed FY 2019 budget for the Regent Enterprise was approved. In total, the FY 2019 Regent-wide budget is nearly $6 billion. The Regent institutional budgets include two basic types of funds:
General operating funds include operational appropriations, interest income, tuition revenue, reimbursed indirect costs, and income generated from sales and services.  
Restricted funds are specifically designated or restricted for a particular purpose or enterprise and include capital and tuition replacement appropriations, gifts, sponsored funding from federal and private sources and athletics as well as other auxiliary or independent functions such as residence, parking and utility systems.

October Meeting
The October 17-18 meeting has been moved to November 15-16 due to a conflict with the World Food Prize conference.

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