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Public Comment Period

The next opportunity for public comment will be September 18-19 at the meeting held at Iowa State University. A link to request to present will appear in this space approximately one week before the meeting.

Please note that everyone attending Board meetings, including public commenters, are subject to the rules governing public attendance, which can be found in Board Policy Manual 1.4.F.

General Procedures

  • A public comment period will be held at regularly scheduled, in-person meetings of the Board. There will not be public comment at telephonic or virtual meetings, or special meetings called by the Board.
  • Students, faculty, parents, alumni and citizens have an opportunity to provide comments on any issue affecting the Board of Regents, with priority given to presenters with subjects that relate to agenda items for the current Board meeting.
  • The Board will allow for up to 30 minutes in total for public comment. An individual will be permitted up to three minutes to speak. This will be tracked by a timekeeper.
  • When the Board’s docket for a regularly scheduled, in-person meeting is made public, all persons requesting to speak must register by completing an online form. A link to the sign-up portal will be available when the docket for that meeting is public.
  • Registered requests to present to the Board must be received no later than 48 hours prior to the meeting.
  • Presenters will be organized by the Board Office, and confirmed speakers will be contacted via e-mail no later than 24 hours prior to the meeting.
  • Handouts are allowed to be distributed to the Board. Presenters should bring 20 copies of materials for the Board to receive. Materials will be distributed to the Board during the speaker’s comments.
  • Public commenters are subject to the rules governing public attendance at Board meetings (Board Policy Manual 1.4.F).
  • The public comment rules may be adjusted at the discretion of the Board President.


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