4.2 Campus Speakers and Programs

The institutions of higher education under the control of the Board of Regents shall encourage students and staff to hear diverse points of view from speakers and programs sponsored by recognized student, faculty, and employee organizations. This policy, consistent with the aims of higher education, is designed to emphasize that in a democratic society all citizens have not only the right, but the obligation to inform themselves on issues of contemporary concern, including politics, religion, ethics, and morals.

  1. Administration. The president, or a committee designated by the president, shall be responsible for the administration of this policy on a particular campus.
  2. Restrictions. In sponsoring campus speakers and programs, recognized faculty, student, and employee organizations shall comply with institutional rules on the advance reservation of rooms, the posting of notices, and the payment of rental charges when applicable and such other rules as the institution prescribes for the use of its buildings to avoid any interference with the regular program of the institution.
  3. Sponsorship of Meeting. To encourage the presentation of diverse points of view on any issue, the president or the campus committee may at any particular meeting, or from time to time, sponsor, or encourage recognized campus groups to sponsor, additional speakers or programs that will contribute to the full and frank discussion of such issue.