4.15 Trademarks

  1. The Board of Regents recognizes that the institutions under its jurisdiction benefit from public recognition of their legally protected names, symbols, logos, tradenames, trademarks, and other identifying marks (Protected Marks).  Federal, state, and common law governs the institutions’ rights to their Protected Marks, and set forth the requirements the institutions must use to protect and control the use of their Protected Marks.
  2. The following minimum requirements apply to use of Protected Marks:
    1. Use of Protected Marks by external persons, organizations, or entities for any purpose must be pursuant to the institution’s review process concluding with a written license agreement granted by the institution.
    2. No use of Protected Marks may be permitted and no license agreement may be granted if the Protected Mark is or may become the name or tradename, or a part of the name or tradename, of a person, organization, or entity that is not affiliated with the institution.