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Mark Braun Named Transformation Project Manager for TIER Project

August 21, 2014

The Iowa Board of Regents has appointed Mark Braun to serve as the Transformation Project Manager for the TIER study, effective August 25, 2014. Braun is currently the Chief of Staff and Vice President for External Relations for the University of Iowa and is taking a leave of absence from that position to fill this new role.

Deloitte Consulting is nearing completion of Phase 2 of TIER (Transparent, Inclusive Efficiency Review) for Iowa’s public universities and the Regent system as a whole. In preparing for the implementation of business cases as the next phase of the project, the need for greater contact between the Board, universities and consultants, both daily and long term, is becoming more critical. The appointment of Mark Braun to serve as Transformation Project Manager, with his extensive experience working with the Board of Regents and the three public universities, will provide the necessary expertise to meet this need.

Braun served as the University of Iowa’s campus representative during TIER and is therefore ideally suited to manage implementation of the project on behalf of the Board. "Mark has worked in the Regent system for more than 15 years and he has broad knowledge and experience with all three universities," said Board President Bruce Rastetter. "Mark has been involved in TIER since its inception and his willingness to step up will help ensure we are successful in controlling costs and keeping public higher education affordable for Iowa students," added Rastetter.

In addition to his current position, Braun has served as a State Relations Officer for the Board and as Interim Vice President for Strategic Communication at the University of Iowa. He has a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Iowa, a B.S. in Public Administration from Upper Iowa University and an MBA from the University of Iowa.

"We are very excited to have Mark’s leadership at this critical stage in the TIER study," added Executive Director Robert Donley. "We thank President Mason and the University of Iowa for agreeing to loan Mark to oversee this complex implementation project."

During his leave of absence, Mark will remain on the University of Iowa payroll at his current salary but will report to the Executive Director and the Board of Regents.

"I look forward to getting started in my new role with the TIER project," said Mark Braun. "We have a great opportunity to look at how our universities operate and see if there is a better and more efficient way to serve students and the state."

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