September 16-17, 2003

Board Of Regents, State Of Iowa

Iowa State University Memorial Union

Ames, Iowa

September 16-17, 2003

General Docket


  1. Approval of Minutes of Board Meeting of July 16-17, 2003 (PDF)

  2. Consent Items (PDF)

    1. Board Meetings Schedule (PDF)

    2. Institutional and Board Office Personnel Transactions (PDF)

    3. Approval of Vendors with a Potential Conflict of Interest (PDF)

    4. Regent Affiliated Organization Report (PDF)

    5. P&S Classification Revision, University of Iowa (PDF)

    6. Center for International Peace and Security Studies, University of Northern Iowa (PDF)

    7. Proposed Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics and Technology, Iowa State University (PDF)

    8. Report on Meeting of the Iowa College Student Aid Commission (PDF)

  3. Interinstitutional Committee on Educational Coordination

    1. Approve M.S. and Ph.D. Degrees in Biomedical Sciences, ISU (PDF)

  4. Tuition Policies (PDF)

  5. FY 2005 State Funding Requests (PDF) 

    1. Incremental Salary Appropriations Requests (PDF)

    2. Operating Appropriations Requests (PDF)

    3. Tuition Replacement Appropriations Requests (PDF)

    4. Capital Appropriations Requests (PDF)

    5. 5-Year Capital Plans (PDF)

  6. Regent Reallocation Policy (PDF)

  7. Report of the Banking Committee (PDF)

  8. Institutional Registers of Capital Improvement Business Transactions

    1. University of Iowa (PDF)
      Attachment A (PDF), Attachment B (PDF), Attachment C (PDF), Attachment D (PDF), Attachment E (PDF)

    2. Iowa State University (PDF)
      Attachment A (PDF), Attachment B (PDF), Attachment C (PDF)

    3. University of Northern Iowa (PDF)

  9. Institutional Agreements, Leases and Easements (PDF)
    Attachment A (PDF)

  10. Annual Report on Retirement Programs (PDF)

  11. Submission of Applications to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for Commercial Translator Frequencies (PDF)

  12. Annual Institutional Reports on Academic Program Review/Student Outcomes Assessment (PDF)

  13. Accreditation Reports, Iowa State University (PDF)

  • Bachelor in Landscape Architecture
  • Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology
  1. Annual Report on Energy Conservation (PDF)

  2. Student Appeal (PDF)

  3. Revisions to Policy Manual (PDF)

  4. Update on Economic Development Activities (PDF)

September 16-17, 2003
Institutional Dockets

University Of Northern Iowa

UNI-1 House Razing, 1809 West 27th Street, Cedar Falls (PDF)

Iowa State University

ISU-1 Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters Degree for Dr. Joanne Bubolz Eicher at Fall Commencement (PDF)

ISU-2 New Biosafety Institute for Genetically Modified Agricultural Products (BIGMAP) (PDF)

Iowa School For The Deaf

ISD-1 Appointment of Principal (PDF)