October 29, 2008

Board Of Regents, State Of Iowa
Memorial Union, Sun Room
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa

October 29, 2008

Full Schedule

Agenda Items


University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Committee Agenda (PDF)

  1. Approve Minutes from September 17, 2008, Committee Meeting (PDF)

    UIHC Presentation (PDF)

Audit/Compliance and Investment Committee Agenda (PDF)

  1. Approve Minutes from September 17, 2008, Committee Meeting (PDF)

  2. Internal Audit Reports (PDF)

  3. Proposed Revised Format for Audits Issued (PDF)

  4. Proposed New Bond Audit Format (PDF)

  5. Report on Fund Manager Evaluations (PDF)


  1. Consent Agenda (PDF)

    1. Minutes of September 17-18, 2008, Board Meeting (PDF)

    2. Minutes of September 25, 2008, Board Meeting (PDF)

    3. Institutional Personnel Transactions (PDF)

    4. Conflict of Interest Vendors (PDF)

    5. University of Iowa Equipment Purchase (PDF)

    6. Request for a Program Name Change at the University of Iowa - Biomedical Ethics and Medical Humanities Program to Bioethics and Humanities Program (PDF)

    7. Request to Award an Honorary Doctor of Science Degree at Iowa State University (PDF)

    8. Request to Establish New Center at Iowa State University - Biobased Industry Center (PDF)

    9. Request to Establish New Institute at the University of Northern Iowa - Iowa Mathematics and Science Education Institute (PDF)

    10. Fall 2008 Enrollment Report (PDF)

  2. Board President Report (PDF)

  3. Executive Director Report (PDF)

  4. Institution Updates (PDF)

  5. Iowa State University

  6. Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School

  7. Iowa School for the Deaf

  8. University of Northern Iowa

  9. University of Iowa, with Flood Update

  10. Proposed 2009-10 Tuition and Fees (PDF)

  11. Register of University of Iowa Capital Improvement Business Transactions (PDF)

  12. University of Iowa Proposed Property Purchase (PDF)

  13. Register of Iowa State University Capital Improvement Business Transactions (PDF)

  14. Iowa State University Recreation Facilities Expansion and Renovation Project (PDF)

  15. University of Northern Iowa Proposed Property Purchase (PDF)

  16. Resolution for the Sale and Issuance of $25,000,000 Academic Building Revenue Bonds, Series I.S.U. 2008A (PDF)

  17. Preliminary Resolution for the Sale of Hospital Revenue Bonds, Series S.U.I. 2008 (PDF)

  18. Proposed Bond Issuance Schedule for Calendar Year 2009 (PDF)

  19. Institutional Agreements, Leases and Easements (PDF)

  20. Comprehensive Fiscal Report for FY 2008 (PDF)

  21. 2008 Economic Development and Technology Transfer Report (PDF)

  22. Highlighted Technology Transfer Presentation (PDF)

  23.  Faculty Presentation at Iowa State University - “Global Engagement of Undergraduate Students" (PDF)