May 18-19, 2004

Board Of Regents, State Of Iowa

Iowa School For The Deaf – Lied Multipurpose Complex
Council Bluffs, Iowa

May 18-19, 2004


Agenda Items to be Considered

  1. Minutes of the Board Meeting (April 21, 2004) (PDF)
    Attachment A (PDF), Attachment B (PDF), Attachment C (PDF), Attachment D (PDF)

  2. Banking Committee Final Meeting Minutes (PDF)

  3. Board Meetings Schedule for 2004-2005 (PDF)

  4. Recommended Committee Structure Policy Manual Changes

    1. Creation of New Committees by Policy Manual Additions (PDF)

    2. Coordinating Amendments to Existing Policy Manual (PDF)

  5. Creation of a Regents Task Force (PDF)

  6. Board Committee and Task Force Assignments (PDF) 

  7. Revisions to the Board of Regents Policy Manual, Unrelated to Committee Changes (PDF)

  8. Iowa Administrative Rule Revisions

    1. Final Action on Items Previously Reviewed re: Admission Fees (PDF)

    2. Notice of Intended Action Updating Regents Chapter 681 (11) (PDF)

  9. Institutional and Board Office Personnel Transactions (PDF)

  10. Report on Legislative Session (PDF)

  11. Allocation of Fees (PDF)

  12. Tuition and Financial Aid Policy Review—Part 2 (PDF)

  13. Unit Cost of Instruction Report (PDF)

  14. Status Report on Board-Requested Administrative Services Study (PDF)

  15. Sale and Award of Parking System Revenue Bonds, Series S.U.I. 2004 (PDF)

  16. Preliminary Resolution for Center for University Advancement Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series, S.U.I. 2004 (PDF)

  17. Kinnick Stadium Renovation Project S.U.I.

    1. Report on Sales of New Seating Areas in Planned Renovations (PDF)

    2. Reimbursement Resolution (PDF)

  18. Report on Savings from Bond Refundings (PDF)

  19. Committee Report—Audit & Compliance (PDF) Agenda

  20. Committee Report—Economic Development (PDF) Agenda

  21. Committee Report—UIHC Executive Board (PDF) Agenda

  22. Annual Report on Faculty Activities (PDF)

  23. Institutional Agreements, Leases and Easements (PDF)

  24. Institutional Registers of Capital Improvement Business Transactions

    1. University of Iowa (PDF)

    2. Iowa State University (PDF)

    3. University of Northern Iowa (PDF)

  25. Interinstitutional Committee on Educational Coordination (Final Review)

    1. ISU – Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics and Technology (PDF)

    2. SUI – B.S. in Anthropology (PDF)

    3. SUI – Post Audit Report: Institute for International Business (PDF)

    4. SUI – Post Audit Report: B.S. in Applied Physics (PDF)

  26. Miscellaneous Institutional Agenda Submissions

    1. University of Iowa, University Calendar (PDF)

    2. University of Northern Iowa Holiday Calendar FY 2006 (PDF)

    3. Iowa State University, Dormitory Closing (PDF)