June 15-16, 2004

Board Of Regents, State Of Iowa

Lakeside Laboratory
Mahan Hall
Okoboji , Iowa

June 15–16, 2004

Agenda Items to be Considered

  1. Minutes of the Board Meeting May 18–19, 2004 (PDF)

  2. Board Meetings Schedule for 2004–2005 (PDF)

  3. Iowa Administrative Rule Revisions

    1. Notice of Intended Action Updating Regents Chapter 681(3) (PDF)

  4. Revisions to the Board of Regents Policy Manual (PDF)

  5. Institutional and Board Office Personnel Transactions (PDF) 

  6. Approval of Vendors with a Potential Conflict of Interest (PDF)

  7. Board Work Plan for 2004 - 2005 (PDF)

  8. Operating Budgets for FY 2005 and Budget Adjustments for FY 2004 (PDF)

    1. Athletics (PDF)

    2. University of Iowa (PDF)

    3. Iowa State University (PDF)

    4. University of Northern Iowa (PDF)

    5. Iowa School for the Deaf (PDF)

    6. Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School (PDF)

    7. Board Office (PDF)

    8. Executive Salaries (PDF)

  9. FY 2005 Anticipated Capital Improvement Plans (PDF)

  10. Committee Report - Economic Development (PDF)

  11. Committee Report - Investment (PDF)

  12. Committee Report - Education (PDF) 

  13. Committee Report - Human Resources (PDF)

  14. Resolution for Sale and Award of Center for University Advancement Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series, S.U.I. 2004 (PDF)

  15. Reimbursement Resolution for SUI Chemistry Renovation (PDF)

  16. Authorization to Effect Issuance of University of Iowa Facilities Corporation Revenue Bonds, Series 2004 (PDF)

  17. Institutional Agreements, Leases and Easements (PDF)

  18. Institutional Registers of Capital Improvement Business Transactions

    1. University of Iowa (PDF)

    2. Iowa State University (PDF)

    3. University of Northern Iowa (PDF)

    4. Iowa School for the Deaf (PDF)

  19. Miscellaneous Institutional Agenda Submissions – Special Schools

    1. Iowa School for the Deaf – Agreements with the Nebraska Department of Education (PDF)

    2. Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School – Extra Curricular Activities (PDF)

    3. Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School – Calendar for FY 2005 (PDF)

  20. Miscellaneous Institutional Agenda Submissions – University of Iowa

    1. Purchases (PDF)

    2. Course Changes (PDF)

    3. P&S Classification Revisions (PDF)

  21. Miscellaneous Institutional Agenda Submissions – Iowa State University

    1. Discontinuance of Programs

      1. Discontinue the M.S. Degree Program in Industrial Relations (PDF)

      2. Discontinue the Undergraduate Major in Botany (PDF)

      3. Discontinue the Undergraduate Major in Zoology (PDF)

      4. Discontinue the M.S. and Ph.D. Program in Biomedical Engineering (PDF)

      5. Discontinue the Undergraduate Major in Plant Health and Protection (PDF)

    2. Merger of the Department of Industrial Education and Technology with the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (PDF)

    3. Naming of the Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital (PDF)

  22. Personnel Appeal (PDF)

  23. Appointments by President Forsyth (PDF)