January 15-16, 2003

Board Of Regents, State Of Iowa

University Of Iowa Memorial Union
Iowa City, Iowa

January 15-16, 2003

General Docket


  1.  Governance Report on Economic Development and Technology Transfer (PDF)

  2.  Legislative Program Report (PDF) 

  3.  Approval of Minutes of Board Meetings of November 13-14, 2002 (PDF)December 14, 2002 (PDF) and January 4-5, 2003 (PDF) .

  4. Consent Items (PDF)

    1. Board Meetings Schedule (PDF)

    2. Approval of Vendors with a Potential Conflict of Interest (PDF)

    3. Purchase of Magnetic Resonance Imager (MRI) System, UIHC (PDF)

    4. Professional and Scientific Classification System Revisions, SUI (PDF)

    5. Major in Performing Arts Entrepreneurship, SUI (PDF)

    6. Major in Athletic Training, SUI (PDF)

    7. Certificate in Clinical Investigation, SUI (PDF)

    8. Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, SUI (PDF)

    9. Post-audit Reports, SUI (PDF)

    10. Iowa State Center Annual Report, ISU (PDF)

    11. Rename the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics to the Department of Aerospace Engineering, ISU (PDF)

    12. Establishment of an Interdisciplinary Graduate Minor in Women’s Studies, ISU (PDF)

    13. Post-audit Review of the Master of Science in Agronomy Distance Education Program, ISU (PDF)

    14. Proposed Revisions for 2003-2005 General Catalog, ISU (PDF)

    15. Discontinue the Undergraduate Program in Engineering Science, ISU (PDF)

    16. Discontinue the Undergraduate Program in Engineering Applications, ISU (PDF)

    17. New Community Vitality Center, ISU (PDF)

    18. New Center for Research on Dietary Botanical Supplements, ISU (PDF)

    19. Rename the Department of Civil and Construction Engineering to the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering, ISU (PDF)

  5. Final Approval of Strategic Plans

    1. University of Iowa (PDF)
      Attachments (PDF)

    2. Iowa State University (PDF)
      Attachments (PDF)

    3. University of Northern Iowa (PDF)
      Attachments (PDF)

    4. Iowa School for the Deaf (PDF)
      Attachments (PDF)

    5. Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School 
      Attachments (PDF)

    6. Board of Regents (PDF)
      Attachments (PDF)

  6. Annual Report on Performance Indicators (PDF)

  7. Follow-up Report on Organizational Review (Recommendation III-1) (PDF)

  8. Annual Report of Professional Development Assignments for FY 2002 (PDF)

  9. Requests for Professional Development Assignments for FY 2004 (PDF)

  10. Annual Report on Faculty Tenure (PDF)

  11. Annual Report on Faculty Resignations (PDF) 

  12. University of Iowa Accreditation/Certification Reports (PDF) 

  13. Annual Report on Diversity (PDF)

  14. Annual Salary Report, University of Northern Iowa (PDF)

  15. Report of the Banking Committee (PDF) 

  16. Institutional Agreements, Leases and Easements (PDF)

  17. Report on Meeting of the Iowa Coordinating Council for Post-high School Education (PDF) 

  18. Report on Meeting of the Iowa College Student Aid Commission (PDF) 

  19. Revisions to Policy Manual (PDF) 

  20. Institutional and Board Office Personnel Transactions (PDF)

  21. Residency Appeal (PDF)

  22. Affiliated Organization Reports (PDF) 

  23. Institutional Registers of Capital Improvement Business Transactions

    1. University of Iowa 
      Map (PDF)

    2. Iowa State University (PDF)
      Maps (PDF)

    3. University of Northern Iowa (PDF)

    4. Iowa School for the Deaf (PDF)

  24. Amicus Brief - Patent Infringement Case, Duke University
    (This item will be discussed Wednesday, January 15)


Institutional Dockets

University Of Northern Iowa

University Of Iowa