December 15-16, 2003

Board of Regents, State of Iowa 

Iowa State University Memorial Union 
Ames, Iowa 

December 15-16, 2003 
General Docket 


University of Iowa
  1. Approval of Minutes of Board Meeting of November 11-12, 2003 (PDF)
    Attachment (PDF)

  2. Consent Items (PDF)

    1. Board Meetings Schedule (PDF)

    2. Institutional Personnel Transactions (PDF)

    3. Approval of Vendors with a Potential Conflict of Interest (PDF)

    4. Report on Requests for Professional Development Assignments (PDF)

    5. Regent Merit System Classification Revisions (PDF)

    6. Suspension of Admissions to the M.A. Program in Theatre, UNI (PDF)

    7. Purchase and Installation of 800 MHz NMR System, SUI (PDF)

    8. Iowa State Center Annual Report, ISU (PDF)

    9. P&S Classification Revision, SUI (PDF)

  3. Annual Report on Economic Development (PDF)

  4. Regent Legislative Program (PDF)

  5. Report on Meeting of the Iowa Coordinating Council for Post-high School Education (PDF)

  6. Report of the Banking Committee (PDF)

  7. Institutional Agreements, Leases and Easements (PDF)

  8. Annual Report on Fire and Environmental Safety and Deferred Maintenance (PDF)

  9. Annual Report on Diversity (PDF)

  10. Revisions to Policy Manual (PDF)

  11. Personnel Appeals (PDF)

  12. Institutional Registers of Capital Improvement Business Transactions

    1. University of Iowa (PDF)

    2. Iowa State University (PDF)
      Attachment A (PDF), Attachment B (PDF), Attachment C (PDF)

    3. University of Northern Iowa (PDF)

    Institutional Dockets

    University of Iowa