October 7, 1999

Iowa Coordinating Council on Post-High School Education

100 Court Avenue, Suite 203
Des Moines, Iowa 50319

ICCPHSE Meeting Notes – October 7, 1999

1. Call to Order and Introductions

The Iowa Coordinating Council for Post-High School Education met on Thursday, October 7, 1999, at 10:00 a.m. at Ellsworth Community College in Iowa Falls. Chairman Martin Jischke called the meeting to order and introduced Paul Tambrino, President of Iowa Valley Community College District; and Edith Jones, Dean of Ellsworth Community College. Dr. Tambrino and Dr. Jones welcomed the Council’s members and guests to the campus and provided a brief overview of the college’s history and the programs it offers. The Council’s members and guests then introduced themselves. The following individuals were present:

State Board of Education Member
Mary Jean Montgomery*

Department of Education Representative
Roger Foelske*

University Representatives
Pat Geadelman*
Martin Jischke*
Rabindra Mukerjea
Jon Whitmore*

Representatives of Independent Colleges
Dave Clinefelter*
Fred Moore*
Nancy Williams*

Representatives of Private Business Schools
No representatives were present.

Representative of Iowa Private Specialized
Schools Association
Cynthia Becher*

Representatives of the IPTV Board
No representatives were present.

Community College Representatives
Paul Tambrino*
Charles Ullom*
Melvin Samuelson*

Members of the Board of Regents
Clarkson Kelly*
David Neil*
Ellengray Kennedy*

Members of the Bd. of Trustees of Instutions
Don Byers*
Bob Lester*

Iowa College Student Aid Commission Representative
Michelle Durand-Adams*

Student Representatives
Rachel Allbaugh*
Josh Newhouse*

Liaison Representative
John Hartung, Iowa Association of Independent Colleges & Univ

*Indicates voting delegate.


Antone Alber, Drake University
Richard Buckles, William Penn College
Craig Canby, Des Moines University
John Phillips, Buena Vista University
Todd Stebbins, William Penn University
Doug Youst, Buena Vista University

2. Approval of Minutes

Roger Foelske presented the minutes from the July 15, 1999 meeting.

Action: Fred Moore moved that the minutes be approved as presented, and Jon Whitmore seconded the motion. The motion was approved.

3. Treasurer’s Report

John Hartung presented a statement of the Council’s incomes and expenditures for the period of July 1, 1999 through September 30, 1999. As of the 30th of September, the Council had a balance of $12,110.22.

Action: Paul Tambrino moved that the treasurer’s report be approved as presented, and Robert Lester seconded the motion. The motion was approved.

Rabindra Mukerjea reported that the Audit Committee had met and reviewed the Council’s financial records and found everything to be in good order. The committee’s report was distributed to the members of the Council and approved via consent of the Council.

4. Coordination (Program Requests)

A. New Business

1. Buena Vista University

Buena Vista University requested approval to offer a Technology and Systems Integration program off-campus. Proposed sites include: the Emmetsburg and Estherville campuses of Iowa Lakes Community College; Iowa Central Community College at Fort Dodge; North Iowa Area Community College at Mason City; the Iowa Falls and Marshalltown Community College at Marshalltown; Ellsworth Community College at Iowa Falls; and Indian Hills Community College at Ottumwa.

Action: Melvin Samuelson moved that the request be approved as submitted, and Paul Tambrino seconded the motion. The motion was approved.

2. Drake University

Drake University requested approval to offer a MBA Degree program off-campus in Pella in conjunction with the Vermeer Manufacturing Company and the Pella Corporation.

Action: Rabindra Mukerjea moved that the request be approved as submitted, and Nancy Williams seconded the motion. The motion was approved.

A. Other Business

1. William Penn College

William Penn College requested approval of an off-campus Associate of Arts in Leadership Studies at its branch locations in Ames and West Des Moines. This request was removed from the table. (Action on this request was tabled by the Council at its July 15, 1999 meeting.)

Action: Rabindra Mukerjea moved that request be approved as submitted, and Donald Byers seconded the motion. A roll call vote was requested and recorded as follows: John Newhouse – Nay; Fred Moore – Nay; Paul Tambrino – Nay; Clark Kelly – Nay; Melvin Samuelson – Nay; Ellengray Kennedy – Nay; Don Byers – Aye; Rachel Allbaugh – Aye; Jon Whitmore – Nay; Patricia Geadelmann – Nay; Robert Lester – Aye; Mary Jean Montgomery – Aye; Cynthia Becher – Aye; Michelle Durand-Adams – Aye; Nancy Williams – Aye; David Clinefelter – Aye; Charles Ullom – Nay; Roger Foelske – Aye; and David Neil – Nay. The vote was nine (9) ayes and 10 nays. The motion failed.

Per the requirement of the by-laws, members of the prevailing side cited the following rationale for non-approval of the request:

1. The proposed program unnecessarily duplicates existing similar programs currently offered by institutions in the area.
2. There was insufficient collaboration by the requesting institution with institutions in the area that offer similar programs.

A. Interim Approvals

The following programs were approved on September 17, 1999, via the Council’s interim approval process: (No concerns were received by the recording secretary on or before the September 17, 1999, in response to information concerning the requests which was mailed to all voting delegates on August 30, 1999.)

1. Des Moines Area Community College

a. Civil Technology (on-campus)
b. Computer and Information Sciences (on-campus)
c. Electronic Technology (on-campus)
d. Millwork and Cabinet Making (on-campus)

1. Iowa Central Community College

a. Media Technology (on-campus)

1. Iowa State University

a. Interdepartmental Major in Bioinfomatics and Computational Biology (on-campus)
b. B.S. Program in Applied Physics (on-campus)
c. Ph.D. Program in Health and Human Performance (on-campus)
d. Revisions for Graduate Majors in Animal Science (on-campus)

1. Kirkwood Community College

a. Carpentry (on-campus)
b. Computer Electronics Technology (on-campus)
c. Data Programming Technician—AS/400 (on-campus)
d. Electronic Technology—Communications (on-campus)
e. Microcomputer Operations Manager (on-campus)
f. Microcomputer Specialist (on-campus)

1. St. Ambrose University

a. Master of Orthotic Science (on-campus)

5. Ad Hoc Committee to Review Procedures for Program Approvals

Bob Barak distributed a proposal for the establishment of a committee to review and propose revisions of the Council’s program approval procedures. He stated that over the last several years, there has been considerable discussion, debate, and suggestions for the improvement of the Council’s program approval procedures. Issues have included items such as the meaning of certain sections, the need to report certain program actions, and the possibility of eliminating the need for action on new on-campus programs.

Action: Bob Barak proposed that the Council establish an ad hoc committee of six members, two from each sector, to review the Council’s program approval policy and procedures. This committee will be asked to: (1) identify problems, concerns, and issues related to the current program approval policy and procedures; (2) develop proposed revisions and/or new policies and procedures to correct the problems, concerns, and issues related to the current policies and procedures that are relevant to the present and to the future higher education environment in Iowa; and (3) prepare a report for consideration by the Council no later than its May 2000 meeting. It was suggested that the committee provide the Council with a progress report at the Council’s February 24, 2000, meeting. The Chairman, with the consent of the Council, approved the recommendation.

6. Presentation on State Coordinating Boards for Higher Education

Bob Barak provided the Council with background information and an overview of the status of State Coordinating Boards for Education throughout the United States. The presentation included information concerning the rationale for the development of the boards, the different governing approaches that have been utilized by the boards, and the current trends. Currently, 29 states have coordinating boards, 20 states have governing boards, one state has a volunteer board (Iowa), and one state has no board. (See attachment in your December 2 meeting materials for a copy of the transparences utilized to conduct the presentation.)

7. For the Good of the Order

The next ICCPHSE meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 2, 1999, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., at Iowa State University in Ames. The Council’s meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Roger H. Foelske, Recording Secretary