Iowa Board of Regents

October 2, 1996

Minutes of Meeting

Call to Order and Introductions

The Iowa Coordinating Council for Post-High School met on Wednesday, October 2, 1996, at Iowa Central Community College in Fort Dodge. Mel Schroeder, Vice President of Instruction at Iowa Central Community College, welcomed the Council to the college. Chair Koob welcomed the Council members and chaired the meeting. The following individuals were present.

Members of the State Board of Education
Cal Callison*
Sally Frudden*

Department of Education Representative
Harriet Custer*

Community College Representatives
David Buettner*
Melvin Samuelson*

Members of the Board of Regents
Nancy Pellett*
John Tyrrell*
Ellengray Kennedy*

Members of the Bd. of Trustees of Member Institutions
Frank Moore*
Robert Larson*
Ralph Schlenker

Iowa College Student Aid Commission Representative
Ruth Ann Barry*
Gary Nichols

Student Representatives
Denis Klein*

Liaison Representatives
Marcia Bankirer, Iowa Coordinating Council for Continuing Education
Robert Barak, Iowa State Board of Regents
John Hartung, Iowa Association of Independent

Colleges and Universities
Robert Yeager, Iowa Association of Community College Trustees

University Representatives
Robert Koob*
Rabindra Mukerjea
Patricia Geadelmann
Emmett Vaughn

Representative of Independent Colleges
Ralph McKay*
Michael Ferrari*
James Ross*

Representative of Private Business Schools
John Huston*

Representative of Private Specialized Schools
Jim O'Neal for Cynthia Becher*

*Indicates voting delegate


JoAnn Breyfogle, St. Luke’s College of Nursing

Dawn Fulton, La James School of Cosmetology

Robert Garner, Hannibal-LaGrange College

Philip Langerman, Upper Iowa University

Regene Osborne, St. Luke’s College of Nursing

David Palmer, Des Moines Area Community College

Margot Perez-Greene, Iowa Central Community College

Deanne Remer, Mercy School of Health Sciences

Deb Schmudlach, St. Luke’s College of Nursing

Mel Schroeder, Iowa Central Community College

Beverly Simpson, Hannibal-LaGrange College

Iris Tucker, Hannibal-LaGrange College

Approval of May 8, 1996 Meeting Minutes

The following two corrections were made to the minutes of the May 8 meeting: (1) the American Institute of Commerce was incorrectly referred to as the American Institute of Business; and (2) two council members representing the regents were incorrectly listed as representing the Iowa Association of Independent Colleges and Universities. Minutes were approved as corrected.

Treasurer’s Report

John Hartung presented statements of income and expenditures for July 1996, and noted that 1996 dues have not been received because bills haven’t been sent out yet. The financial report was accepted.

Articulation Committee Report

The Articulation Subcommittee has not yet met this academic year. A meeting was held on October 30th.

Strategic Planning Committee Report

David Buettner reported that the Committee submitted a plan to the Governor’s Planning Group; he thanked Bob Barak, who did a great deal of the work. He explained that the submission was quite general, as the committee was not at the point of defining specific strategies and measures. A vision statement and goals were discussed at the annual meeting of the Iowa Association of College Presidents (IACP) on September 29, resulting in an interesting discussion. The Strategic Planning Committee needs to reconvene to develop a strategic plan for higher education in Iowa for Council review. Many feel that strategic planning for higher education in Iowa is not realistic, because we don’t really function as a "system." The difficulty lies in developing a strategic plan that is generalizable to diverse individual institutions. The state has a history of strategic planning in higher education that has not been particularly successful. Some concern was expressed about possible negative consequences if we don’t complete this task.

During the discussion of the IACP meeting, Jim Ross indicated that for the first time in years, he saw a positive opportunity for the three sectors to come together to address this issue; while it may be difficult, we have a window of opportunity. The Committee needs to be ready to present a plan at the December meeting. John Tyrrell, reporting on some of the activities of the Board of Regents, indicated that we need to look at some new paradigms in educational delivery.

Criteria Review Committee Report

At the last Council meeting, John Hartung had requested comments on the committee report; he received none during the interim. He thus requested that the Committee’s report be approved. Motion to approve the report of the Criteria Committee was made and seconded. John Tyrrell noted that if we approve this today, we’re going to need to look at it again after some decisions are made in regard to changes in delivery -- particularly in the area of distance learning -- among all sectors. Bob Koob shared a concern among the regents presidents that the concept of "turfdom" is implicit in the proposed criteria; however, we need to recognize that the definitions under which we operate may be changing in the near future. Report approved.

ICCPHSE Executive Committee Report

Proposal to Form Ad Hoc Committee on Workforce Development: Bob Koob clarified the need to become involved in state workforce development initiatives, including School-to-Work. The proposal to create a committee was moved, seconded; approved. Bob Koob asked Council members who are interested to contact him, Bob Barak, or Harriet Custer. Chair Koob will appoint the members.

Taxonomy of Programs: Bob Barak presented the revised "Taxonomy of Programs." Only new programs approved by the Council are included in the document. The current revision includes all programs approved by the Council as of last spring. Pat Geadelmann asked about plans to put the "Taxonomy of Programs" on the World Wide Web. Bob has investigated that approach; there will be some cost, which the Council could pick up. If a proposal comes, we will bring it to the Council.

Audit Committee: Gary Nichols, Bob Barak, and Pat Cavanaugh have been appointed to the committee.


Bob Barak explained that some changes in registration law will be requested in the upcoming legislative session. Legislators changed our recommendation from last year, creating two problems. First, a group of institutions that were intended to be excluded from the registration requirement because they are already approved by separate state of Iowa licensing agencies. The legislation drafted by the Council contained an exclusion for such institutions, but it was apparently left out of the version approved by the General Assembly. Secondly, out-of-state students enrolled in graduate study centers that operate courses out-of-state are now required to pay the registration fee, which was not intended. John Hartung expressed his concern that a change might open this to total reciprocity. Bob Barak indicated that the group working on this issue will draft some language to bring back to the Council. Cal Callison noted that reciprocity agreements also have to be registered with the Secretary of State.

Information Items

National Postsecondary Education Cooperative (NPEC): Harriet Custer explained the purpose of NPEC (an initiative of the National Council on Education Statistics - NCES) and her role on the Steering Committee. Council members encouraged Harriet to work with the Iowa College Student Aid Commission and bring information to the Council as appropriate. Bob Barak indicated that he has been newly-appointed to the NCES. He stated that the United States Department of Education wants, in the very worst way, to have national student outcomes information, and cautioned the Council regarding the intent of initiatives like NPEC.

Consumer Information: John Hartung reported that Iowa has volunteered to be a model state in a national effort to provide information regarding education and training institutions to consumers. Iowa is considering adopting the Texas model, which is fraught with problems. A committee addressing this has requested review and consideration that Iowa not adopt the Texas model.

Proposed Informational Bulletin: Bob Barak shared the draft bulletin.

Coordination - Old or Pending Business

St. Luke’s College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Associate of Science in Nursing

Bob Koob read a letter from Bob Dunker, president of Western Iowa Tech Community College, and John Hartung, and reminded the Council about the concern of Briarcliff College. Both institutions indicated that St. Luke’s has not involved them in this collaborative effort--that they have had no contact from St. Luke’s. Deb Schmudlach, attorney for St. Luke’s, presented some history and St. Luke’s position. St. Luke’s expects to receive candidacy status from the North Central Association (NCA), as well approval from the Iowa College Student Aid Commission in August 1997. They expect full accreditation from the NCA by August 1998. St. Luke’s staff have contracted with Westmar University and Morningside College to provide the general education component of the proposed degree program, which was described by Regene Osborne.

Harriet Custer raised the issue of the glutted market for nursing graduates, and asked about current and projected labor market needs in the area. Dave Buettner urged the Council to not approve. His concern was not a question of quality, but a clear desire on the part of hospital to have its own program when there is not need for two 2-year nursing programs in Sioux City. The issue is one of duplication, which is clearly a responsibility of the Council to consider. Dave Buettner, as chair last year, had offered to mediate the dispute; St. Luke’s had never contacted him in response to this offer. He views this proposed program as unnecessary duplication. Regene Osborne reminded the Council that this program has been in existence for many years, and stated that the program is needed.

Jim Ross asked what NCA’s concerns are. Regene Osborne responded that there were three concerns. Two were relatively minor; the third is general education. Harriet Custer and Jim Ross reminded the Council that Westmar University is on probation with NCA, raising the question of quality. Dave Buettner moved to disapprove; seconded. Motion approved. St. Luke’s requested a letter from the Council stating the grounds and implications of this decision.

Mercy School of Health Sciences

Associate of Science in Emergency Medical Services

Associate of Science in Nursing

Associate of Science in Radiographic Technology

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

No action was taken. Dee Remer was available for questions, and reminded the Council that their proposal is considerably different from St. Luke’s. Mercy is engaging in significant collaboration in Des Moines and surrounding rural areas. They are currently contracting with Des Moines Area Community College and the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery for science courses.

Dee Remer indicated that Mercy students are not eligible for financial aid and are not represented on the Council by any sector. They are hoping to receive candidacy status from NCA next spring. She requested clarification on the status of Mercy’s membership in the Council. Chair Koob indicated that we would respond to the request.

Coordination - Resolution of Proposals for Approval

Clarke College

Master of Science in Management

This issue was resolved prior to the meeting; thus the proposal is considered an interim approval.

Hannibal-La Grange College

B.S. in Organizational Management

Presentations of the program Hannibal-La Grange (HLG) proposes to offer in Southeastern Iowa were made. The college is registered with the Secretary of State. NCA approved this program during a recent focus visit to the college. HLG administration was not aware of the role of the Council, and had not attempted to circumvent the process. Staff described the history of the program. When HLG approached Southeastern Community College (SCC) about offering the program on their campus, SCC agreed to rent space, but told HLG that they wanted Council approval before they would provide a letter of support.

John Hartung noted letters from Iowa Wesleyan and St. Ambrose opposing the HLG program on the basis of duplication. HLG representatives reported a "cordial" visit last week to Iowa Wesleyan and indicated that St. Ambrose had been contacted in regard to accepting HLG graduates into their masters program. John Hartung urged the Council to oppose this proposal, as Council procedures had not been followed. Dave Buettner commented that programs like this one in a rural area really threaten existing programs because of low numbers of potential students. Moved to delay action until correspondence from Iowa Wesleyan, St. Ambrose and SCC are provided. The Chair will contact SCC to inform them that this program is under consideration.

Kirkwood Community College

Dietitian Assistant

Concerns were addressed prior to the meeting; thus this proposal is considered an interim approval.

Coordination - Interim Approvals

Clarke College (Approved September 10, 1996)

English Language Program for Foreign Nationals

Master of Science in Nursing

Des Moines Area Community College (Approved July 29, 1996)

Computer Aided Design

Hawkeye Community College (Approved July 29, 1996)

Food Science and Technology

Iowa Central Community College (Approved July 29, 1996)

Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic

Flexographic Printing


Iowa State University (Approved July 29, 1996)

Undergraduate Major in Environmental Science

Major and Minor in the Performing Arts

Kirkwood Community College (Approved July 29, 1996)

Construction Management

Emergency Medical Technology-Paramedic

Northeast Iowa Community College (Approved July 29, 1996)

Health Information Technology

Health Information Transcriptionist

St. Ambrose University (Approved July 29, 1996)

Environmental Management

The University of Iowa (Approved July 29, 1996)

Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)

The University of Northern Iowa (Approved September 10, 1996)

M.A.Communications Education

Wartburg College (Approved September 10, 1996)

Art (Communications Design)

Music Ministry

Coordination - New Business

Iowa Western Community College

Swine Management Technology (On-Campus)

Action: Approved.

Loras College

Criminal Justice (On-Campus)

Action: Approved.

Northwestern College

Exercise Science (On-Campus)

Action: Approved.

St. Ambrose University

Bachelor of Applied Management Technology (Off-Campus)

International Accounting and Modern Language (On-Campus)

Discussion: A representative from St. Ambrose clarified that the Bachelor of Applied Management Technology will be offered in Muscatine only.

Action: Approved.

The University of Northern Iowa

M.A. Degree in Public Relations (Off-Campus)

M.A.E. Elementary Reading and Language Arts (Off-Campus)

Action: Approved.

Western Iowa Tech Community College

Maintenance Program (On-Campus)

Action: Approved.

Bellevue University (Discussion only)

Jim Ross stated that Bellevue University’s apparent intent to offer programs in southeastern Iowa appears to come from a request to meet existing needs; if this is the case, those needs can be met by existing institutions. Denis Klein suggested that competition is a good thing for students. Chair Koob clarified that the role of the Council is to make judgments regarding whether or not a program is necessary.

Good of the Order

Chair Koob asked that the Strategic Planning Committee meet before the next Council meeting. The Workforce Development Committee will be appointed and will meet.

Respectfully submitted,

Harriet Howell Custer

Recording Secretary


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