February 21, 1997

Minutes of Meetings

Call to Order and Introductions

The Iowa Coordinating Council for Post-High School Education met on Friday, February 21, 1997, at Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa. President Robert Koob called the meeting to order; Simpson’s President, Steven Jennings, welcomed the Council to Simpson; and then the members and guests introduced themselves. The following individuals were present:

Members of the State Board of Education
Cal Callison*
Sally Frudden*

Department of Education Representative
Roger Foelske*

University Representatives
Robert Koob*
Rabindra Mukerjea*
Michael Ferrari*

Representative of Independent Colleges
Ralph McKay*

Representative of Private Business Schools
John Huston
Cynthia Becher*

Iowa Public Television Representative 
David Bolender*

Community College Representatives
David Buettner*
Melvin Samuelson*
Paul Tambrino*

Members of the Board of Regents

Members of the Bd. of Trustees of Member Institutions
Ralph Schlenker*
Robert Lester*

Iowa College Student Aid Commission Representative
Ruth Ann Barry*

Student Representatives

Liaison Representatives
Marcia Bankirer, Iowa Coordinating COuncil for Continuing Education
Robert Barak, Iowa State Board of Regents
John Hartung, Iowa Association of Independent Colleges and Universities

Michael Cheney, Drake University
Dan Johnson, Upper Iowa University
Kent Johnson, University of Northern Iowa
Jan McMahill, Drake University
Rich Schwab, Drake University

*Indicates voting delegate.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the December 4, 1997, Council meeting were approved as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report

John Hartung presented statements of income and expenditures for July 1, 1996, through January 31, 1997. The financial report was accepted as submitted.

Discussion: David Buettner reminded the Council that the Audit Committee had recommended that the Council change its relationship with the Way-Up Conference and transfer those funds to a more appropriate fiscal agent. John Hartung stated that this had not been completed as of the date of this meeting because no fiscal agent for the conference had been identified due to Harriet Custer’s resignation. Roger Foelske agreed to follow-up on the situation and contact the appropriate representative for the conference concerning the account.

Action: John Huston moved and Robert Lester seconded that the Way-Up Conference account be transferred to a fiscal agency of the conference’s committee choice. Motion approved.

Coordination—Old or Pending Business

American Institute of Commerce (AIC)

  • Medical Transcription (On-Campus)

Discussion: John Huston, President of AIC, presented additional information that documented that the college had contacted the Eastern Iowa Community College District and Kirkwood Community College concerning the proposed medical transcription program at the AIC Davenport Campus. Neither college expressed any concern with the proposed program. Huston also distributed additional materials to the Council that summarized labor market needs in medical transcription related occupations.

Action: David Buettner moved and Michael Ferrari seconded that the proposal be approved as presented. Motion approved

Drake University

  • Special Education Consultant (Off Campus: Cedar Rapids)

Discussion: Michael Ferrari, President of Drake University, introduced Jan McMahill who provided the Council with an overview of the proposed program. The program is being developed as a program that will offer only "one time" in response to a request from the Iowa Department of Education and Grant Wood Area Education Agency. The program is composed of a sequence of three courses designed to prepare individuals with special education endorsements for consultant positions at the area education agencies. The proposed program is being developed with the cooperation of the University of Iowa and does not duplicate its current programs.

Action: John Huston moved and Robert Lester seconded that the proposed program be approved as presented. Motion approved.

Coordination—New Business

Drake University

  • Master of Science Degree: Training and Development (Off-Campus; ICN)

Discussion: Jan McMahill of Drake University explained that the program is designed as a "one-time program" to serve a cohort group of 40 at eight ICN locations. The group is composed of students who participated in one or more individual courses that were offered by Drake University via the ICN this past fall. Currently, there is no program on the ICN or in many of the communities in which the students reside that address their needs.

Robert Koob expressed concern that the University of Northern Iowa had not been informed prior to the initiation of the program. Jan McMahill explained that the proposed program has not been initiated and that students are currently participating in courses that are part of approved programs at the University’s campus in Des Moines.

Action: Robert Lester moved and Ralph Schlenker seconded that the proposed program be approved as presented. Motion approved.

Iowa Western Community College

  • Business Administration and Management (On-Campus)

Action: David Buettner moved and Michael Ferrari seconded that the proposed program be approved as submitted. Motion approved.

Southwestern Community College

  • Agricultural Business Management (On-Campus)

Action: Michael Ferrari moved and Robert Barak seconded that the proposed program be approved as submitted. Motion approved.

St. Ambrose University

  • Early Childhood Education (On-Campus)

Discussion: Concern was expressed that the description of the proposed program contained in the materials presented to the Council, stated that no other institution in Iowa offered a similar program. Currently, Iowa State University, University of Northern Iowa, and Drake University are approved and offer the program. John Hartung stated that the University was aware of the existing programs but felt that the institution had designed a unique and different program. He stated that the proposed program is aligned with the Department of Education’s new licensure requirement for an early childhood endorsement that will take effect on August 31, 1997. Additional concern was expressed concerning the Council’s lack of clear policy concerning the review of proposals prior to their presentation to the Council and the lack of clear guidelines for determining when a program is unique, etc. Robert Barak stated that currently it is the policy of the Council that when a program has a unique CIP code at the three-digit level, it is presented to the Council as a unique "one-of-a-kind" program.

Action: Michael Ferrari moved and David Buettner seconded that the proposed program be approved subject to the University’s resubmitting updated descriptive material that acknowledges the existence of similar programs. Motion approved.

Strategic Planning Committee Report

David Buettner distributed a draft of the Committee’s report. The report addressed the following three issues: (1) the expansion of the higher education market; (2) enhanced workforce development; and (3) accountability and continuous quality improvement of the academic enterprise. Council members were asked to review the draft and forward recommended enhancements, etc., to committee members. The Committee is scheduled to meet later in the month to review the draft and act on the input received from the Council. It was agreed that the report and any revisions would be placed on the Council’s May agenda for further discussion and action, etc. During the interim, the Committee will provide the Governor’s Office with an update concerning the draft report.

Informational Items

Vice President Gore will be in Iowa on April 11th or 12th for the dedication of the Walnut Creek National Wildlife Refuge Prairie Learning Center. Council members are encouraged to attend. 

Respectfully submitted,

Roger Foelske

Interim Recording Secretary for Charles Ullom

The next meeting of ICCPHSE is scheduled for Wednesday, May 7, 1997 10:00 AM -2:30 PM at Hamilton College, 1924 D Street, SW Room 114, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.