Iowa Board of Regents

February 10, 1998

Minutes of Meeting

1. Call to Order and Introductions

The Iowa Coordinating Council for Post-High School Education met on Tuesday, February 10, 1998, at the Iowa Valley Community College District, Marshalltown, Iowa. Vice chairman, Paul Tambrino, called the meeting to order, welcomed the Council to Iowa Valley Community College District, and then the members and guests introduced themselves. The following individuals were present:

Members of the State Board of Education
Cal Callison*

University Representatives
Radindra Mukerjea*

Representative of Independent Colleges
Michael Ferrari*
John Fallon

Representative of Private Business Schools
Susan Spivey*

Iowa Private Specialized Schools
Chuck Fiegen*

Department of Education Representative
Roger Foelske*

Community College Representative
Paul Tambrino*
Melvin Samuelson*
William Hierstein

Members of the Bd. of Trustees of Member Institutions
Ralph Schlenker*
Don Byers*
Robert Lester*

Iowa College Student Aid Commission Representative
Gary Nichols*

Student Representatives
Charles Whiteing*

Liaison Representatives
Robert Barak, Iowa State Board of Regents
John Hartung, Iowa Assoc of Independent Colleges and Universities

Darrell Almond, Bellevue University, Bellevue, NE
Linda Crossett, Loras College
Mary Hawkins, Bellevue University, Bellevue, NE
John Hess, Loras College
Philip Langerman, Upper Iowa University
Craig Kinsella, Hamilton College
W.H. Knight, University of Iowa
Susan Koch, University of Northern Iowa
John Kozak, Iowa State University
Nancy Wilson, Buena Vista University 

*Indicates voting delegate.

2. Approval of Minutes

Michael Ferrari moved that the minutes from the February 21, 1997, Council meeting be approved as submitted. Seconded by Susan Spivey. Motion carried.

Action: The minutes will be amended to show that William Hierstein, Southeastern Community College; Gene Gardner, Iowa Association of Community College Trustees; and John Hartung, Iowa Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, were in attendance.

3. Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s Report was approved as submitted by John Hartung. As of December 31, 1997, the balance of all accounts was $15,027.22.

4. Coordination (Program Requests)

A. New Business

Bellevue University, Bellevue, Nebraska

  • Business Administration of Technical Studies, B.S. (Off-Campus—Western Iowa Tech Community College, Sioux City)

Action: Bob Lester moved to table this request until Morningside College has an opportunity to review the request. Seconded by Michael Ferrari. Motion carried.

  • Health Care Management, B.S. and Management, B.S. (Off-Campus—Atlantic, Iowa)

Action: Michael Ferrari moved that the Council defer action pending receipt of information on the assessment of the programs’ outcomes, a detailed curriculum description, student testimony, and the instructor’s vita. Seconded by Ralph Schlenker. Motion carried.

  • Management, B.S. (Off-Campus—Red Oak, Iowa)

Action: This program request was withdrawn by Bellevue University.

Hamilton College

  • Legal Assistant/Paralegal Associate of Applied Science (On-Campus)

Action: Philip Langerman moved that the request be approved. Motion was seconded by Charles Fiegen. Motion carried.

Iowa Western Community College

  • Industrial Machinery and Repair (On-Campus)

Action: Michael Ferrari moved that the request be approved. Motion was seconded by David Fisher. Motion carried.

Other Business

William Penn College

Discussion: John Fallon, President of William Penn College, reviewed information that he shared with the Council by letter, dated January 26, 1998, concerning the following two issues that he was advised that the Council had concerns:

  1. The college’s "College for Working Adults Bachelor of Arts in a Business Program" at a site in Ames, Iowa; and

  2. The "College for Working Adults Gateway Program."

Concerning the first issue, he clarified that the college does not operate a separate program entitled "Gateway." "Gateway" is part of the college’s Bachelor of Arts program offered through its "College for Working Adults," which was approved by the Council in May of 1998. It is offered as a service to students who need to complete course work to meet the 50 credit hour admission threshold for entry into the Bachelor of Arts "Business" program. No degree is offered for completion of this portion of the program.

Dr. Fallon also provided clarification concerning courses currently being offered at a site in Ames. He stated that when the Council approved the "College for Working Adults" at the West Des Moines site, it considered the impact on all colleges and universities in the Des Moines and Oskaloosa service area. This service area extends from Ames to Ottumwa. He also stated that the Ames site currently serves a small number of students and is provided at their request for their convenience. Presently there are no administrative staff assigned to the Ames site nor are there plans to do so in the future.

Action: The Council took no action.

Briar Cliff College

Discussion: John Hartung presented correspondence that the Council received from Sister Margaret Wick, President of Briar Cliff College, in which she expressed concern that the University of Iowa is advertising a BSN program extension in the Orange City-Sheldon area. To her knowledge, the university had not requested approval from the Council.

Bob Barak responded by stating that university is not offering the entire BSN program in that area. It will be only offering courses from its approved BSN program via the ICN that are needed by individuals in the area to meet degree completion requirements. He stated that the Council approved the BSN degree completion program for statewide delivery several years ago. Originally the program was delivered via satellite and is now being offered via the ICN. He also stated that the advertisement that Sister Wick referred to in her correspondence was developed and released by the Orange City Hospital and Clinic, not the University of Iowa.

At the Council’s request, Bob Barak agreed to provide the Council with documentation concerning the program’s approval at its next meeting regarding information concerning the Council’s approval of the program for statewide delivery.

5. The America’s Promise—Iowa Style: The Iowa Summit on Volunteerism

Governor Terry Branstad visited with the Council via the ICN concerning the Volunteerism Summit on June 10-11, 1998, at Drake University. Teams from every county in the state will be invited to attend the summit for the purpose of sharing successful programs and to learn more about volunteerism. He encouraged institutions of higher education to become involved in the summit by assembling delegations to attend the summit and by presenting information on successful volunteerism currently being conducted on their campuses. The Governor also stated that the event would include participation by Simon Estes, Miss America, Colman Powell, and Jim Brown.

The Governor’s remarks were followed by a presentation by Dorothy Carpenter, Executive Director of the Iowa Summit, and Bob Lester, Chair of the Commitment Committee, concerning the goals of the summit and procedures for participation. Ms. Carpenter stated that they are seeking 100 percent participation of all institutions of higher education.

Fred Waldstein, Chair of the Education and Youth Committee, distributed a request for proposal for displays and presentations at the summit. A letter will be sent out from the Governor’s Office to the president of each institution of higher education encouraging their participation in the summit.

6. ICCPHSE Proposed Advisory Committee on Distance Education

Bob Barak presented a proposal on behalf of the Council’s Executive Committee for the formation of an advisory committee on Distance Education Learning. The proposal was referred to the Executive Committee.

7. For the Good of the Order

The next meeting of ICCPHSE has been scheduled for Wednesday, May 13, 1998, 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., at Mount St. Clare College, New Health Recreation Center, Davenport, Iowa.

Respectfully submitted,

Roger Foelske

Recording Secretary

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