December 4, 1996

Minutes of Meeting

Call to Order and Introductions

The Iowa Coordinating Council for Post-High School Education met on Wednesday, December 4, 1996, at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls. UNI President Robert Koob welcomed the Council to UNI and chaired the meeting; members and guests introduced themselves. The following individuals were present:

Members of the State Board of Education
Cal Callison*
Sally Frudden*

Department of Education Representative
Harriet Custer*

University Representatives
Robert Koob*
Rabindra Mukerjea*
Mary Sue Coleman*

Representative of Independent Colleges
Ralph McKay*

Representative of Private Business Schools
Susan Spivey*

Iowa Public Television Representative
Betty Jean Furgerson*

Community College Representatives
David Buettner*
Melvin Samuelson*
Paul Tambrino*

Members of the Board of Regents
Nancy Pellett*
John Tyrrell*

Members of the Board of Trustees of Member Institutions
Frank Moore*
Robert Larson*

Iowa College Student Aid Commission Representative
Robert Phipps*

Student Representatives
Jason Lawry*
S.Adele Rodrequez*

Liaison Representatives
Glenn Hansen for Marcia Bankirer Iowa Coordinating Council for Continuing Education
Robert Barak, Iowa Board of Regents
John Hartung, Iowa Association of Independent Colleges and Universities

Martin F. Ehrenberg, American Institute
Philip Langerman, Upper Iowa University 
Deanne Remer, Mercy School of Health Sciences

*Indicates voting delegate.

Approval of Minutes of the October 2, 1996 Meeting

The minutes were approved as submitted. 

Treasurer's Report

John Hartung presented statements of income and expenditures for July 1, 1996 through October 31, 1996. The financial report was accepted.

Coordination--Old or Pending Business

Mercy School of Health Sciences

  • Associate of Science in Emergency Medical Services (On-Campus)

  • Associate of Science in Nursing (On-Campus)

  • Associate of Science in Radiologic Technology (On-Campus)

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (On-Campus)

Discussion: Dee Remer outlined Mercy's concerns regarding the ICCPHSE approval process and provided an update. Their nursing program is taking in fewer students; they are being sensitive to the market, which Dee identified (according to the Department of Economic Development) as indicating a shortage of nurses in the future. She clarified that the nursing program is designed to respond to health care reform and the movement toward managed care. Coleman questioned projections that there will be a shortage of nursing, and requested the data that Dee cited. Jim Ross expressed his concern, particularly in regard to the baccalaureate program, that Mercy is just starting the process of gaining North Central Association (NCA) accreditation, and suggested that they request approval from ICCPHSE once NCA has granted accreditation. An NCA team will conduct a visit to Mercy this spring to evaluate the institution for candidacy status.

Robert Koob reminded members that Mercy's status with the Council is uncertain, but that they will be seeking status as an independent college. He encouraged Mercy to continue affiliation with the Council; once Mercy is accredited, they will become a member. Dave Buettner stated that Dee has acted in good faith with the Council and reminded Council members that this is an enhancement of an existing diploma program. Koob read into the record a letter, received by fax the morning of the meeting, from Dr. Thompson of Grand View College, opposing approval of Mercy's program based on the current supply and demand for nursing programs in the greater Des Moines area. John Hartung noted that Drake University is also concerned, viewing a BSN program as unnecessary duplication. Mary Sue Coleman reasserted her concern about the job market for health care professionals and what is communicated to students regarding job opportunities, stating that national data indicates that the market will not be good in the future. This, rather than about duplication issue, is her concern; she requested the source of the labor market data referenced by Mercy. Dee indicated that they have used their own data, including a survey of their own students regarding interest in moving into a baccalaureate degree program, as well as labor market data provided by the Iowa Department of Economic Development.

Buettner cautioned the Council about approving a program where there is not a clear demand and asked Dee to provide the data to which she referred. Dee reemphasized that Mercy's intent is not to increase the numbers of nurses they produce, but to increase the level of preparation. She has had conversations with the presidents of both Drake University and Grand View College.

Action: Following discussion, the Council decided to continue discussion at a future meeting, pending Mercy's progress with NCA. Dee was asked to provide the Council with labor market data.

Coordination - New Business

American Institute of Commerce (AIC)

  • Medical Transcription (On-Campus)

Discussion: Marty Ehrenberg of AIC explained that programs at four community colleges were reviewed. While there are some differences; there is no institution offering an AAS degree in medical transcription in the quad cities area. Harriet Custer questioned the nature of the "peer review," particularly when the other colleges were not invited to comment. Buettner suggested that action be postponed until the Eastern Iowa Community College District (EICCD) has been contacted, and notice of intent communicated to the four community colleges with similar programs. In addition, noting that independent colleges do not have an approval process that considers labor market need prior to requesting Council approval, AIC was asked to document labor market demand in the community.

Action: Buettner's suggestion was accepted in the form of a motion and approved.

Drake University

  • Graduate Program in Education (Off-Campus)

Action: Coleman moved that the request for approval of this program be tabled, as no Drake representative was present to respond to questions. Mukerjea noted that he had not yet had an opportunity to review the proposal and supported Coleman's motion. Motion approved.

Kirkwood Community College

  • Surgical Technology (On-Campus)

  • Surgical Technology-A.S. (On-Campus)

Action: Custer noted that the second proposal is for an AAS degree program (not an AS). Approved.

University of Northern Iowa

  • Master of Music in Music Education (Off-Campus)

Discussion: The Council was reminded that last year we approved a requirement that notice of intent to offer a program be sent to institutions offering similar programs. The purpose of this requirement is to ensure that issues of program location, possible duplication within a geographic area, and demonstration of labor market need are addressed. Buettner identified the relevant question for the Council as "should we add this program to what is offered in Iowa?" Susan Spivey requested that notices of intent be submitted to all institutions within an area.

Action: Proposal for Music program approved, with two abstentions.

University of Northern Iowa

  • M.A. in Technology-Industrial Training (Off-Campus)

Action: Approved.

Articulation Subcommittee Report

Reporting for Terry Moran, Buettner noted that there are two requested actions from the subcommittee as follows: (1) That each institution identify a coordinator for articulation. A letter will come to each institution making this request; the subcommittee is merely asking the Council to legitimize the request. Motion made and approved. (2) That ICCPHSE authorize an expenditure to reprint the transfer brochure. It was moved that the Executive Committee review the brochure and approve an expenditure up to $1,000. Motion approved.

Strategic Planning Committee Report

Buettner reported that the committee has met, exchanged drafts, and is committed to bringing a full draft to closure in time for Council review at the February meeting. He provided an overview of the draft report, based on the initiatives identified earlier by the Council:

  1. Expanding the Higher Education Market

    • Expanding non-resident enrollment.

    • Expanding availability of educational opportunity in Iowa. The Committee has begun discussions of cost, on which there is not yet agreement.

  2. Enhanced Workforce Development

    • Jim Ross is working on bringing a draft to the Council, and coordinating his committee's efforts with the Department of Education.

  3. Accountability and Continuous Quality Improvement of the Academic Enterprise

    • The Committee has reached preliminary consensus on common measures that we would ask institutions to use and make available. The next step is to see if we can agree on definitions and format. Buettner noted that portions of the draft are sensitive, and the Committee has therefore agreed not to distribute it at this time. Their goal is to get a full draft to Council members in time for their review prior to the February meeting.

Ad Hoc Committee on Workforce Development

The Committee has been formed. Chair Ross spoke to the difficulty in getting this group together. They will begin putting together a position document. Ross will work with Steve Ovel from Kirkwood Community College. The committee will focus on workforce development as an aspect of economic development, without limiting it to any sector of higher education or to any specific population.

Audit Committee

Gary Nichols presented the report from the Audit Committee. They had reviewed ICCPHSE financial records for the last year and found them in good shape. Suggestions included the following:

  1. In the account balance, funds generated by the annual articulation conference should be itemized separately.

  2. The Council should reconsider serving as the fiscal agent for the Way-Up Conference. Council members agreed to refer the issue to the Way-Up Planning Committee for their review. John Tyrrell suggested that the Council could serve as repository for funds, but if we remain as the fiscal agent, we should have some control over use of the funds. John Hartung might want to look at a computerized accounting system and recognized John and his staff for their contributions in keeping the financial records for the Council.

Information Items

  • Bob Barak suggested that the draft of the brochure entitled "Tips on Selecting a College or University" be tabled until the next meeting.

  • Putting general information regarding ICCPHSE, including the Taxonomy, on the state's home page can be done without cost. There was no objection from Council members.

  • Coleman requested that Jerry Dallam replace Table 3 in the 1996 Fall Term Enrollment Report. She distributed the corrected table, a page of instructions, and explanations of terms.

  • Koob suggested that the most current forms be included on ICCPHSE's home page.

  • There was a request for cost to student per credit hour to be added to the program proposal form. Koob suggested that this issue is part of the discussions of the Strategic Planning Committee. The Council agreed that this issue should be referred to the Executive Committee.

Respectfully submitted,

Harriet Howell Custer
Recording Secretary

​The next meeting of ICCPHSE is scheduled for Friday, February 21, 1997, 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM at Simpson College, Pioneer Hall, McNeill Hall, Indianola, Iowa.