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The Board of Regents Tuition Task Force was established to facilitate public discussion regarding the issue of tuition at Iowa's public universities. The task force will examine the core issues and strategies central to the process of setting tuition at the three Regent Universities and welcomes input from legislative and business stakeholders, university representatives, and the public.

This summer, the task force will hold three public meetings around the state. During these meetings, representatives from Iowa's public universities will present their five-year tuition proposals to the task force. All meetings are open to the public and the three on-campus meetings will include an hour-long listening session. In addition, all meetings will be livestreamed and archived.

The Tuition Task Force will provide a summary of the meetings held this summer to the full Board of Regents at its September meeting.


Tuition Task Force Membership
Larry McKibben (Chair)
Milt Dakovich (Vice Chair)
Sherry Bates
Nancy Boettger




Public Meeting Schedule


Date Location
August 7 University of Northern Iowa (Slife Ballroom, Commons)


Date Location
August 9 Iowa State University (240 Scheman)


Date Location
August 14 University of Iowa (Kollros Auditorium, Biology East)